That’s How the Cookie Crumbles

I have debated posting about this or not for a while now, but I figure we need to keep things “real” here and that means not just posting about the picture perfect days. That means including fiascos that occur (which happen more often than some care to admit). It is a hard choice whether or not to let people in on your failures, even more so for the whole wide world to read about it. But I feel it is important to be honest and straightforward about our lives so that people (and myself) do not get the illusion that our lives are perfect: the house is always clean, every craft project is a success, the hubster and I always see eye to eye, and our kids are model citizens. I think it is easy to become dissatisfied with your life when you are presented with all the information on blogs and Pinterest out there bombarding us with images that show a mom who can do it all, have a sense of self outside the home, be a size 2, and have a completely happy household.

I live in reality not in Stepford (that movie gave me nightmares!) and I do not want to fuel anyone else’s feelings of inadequacy by portraying our lives as something they are not because we have shortcomings. My latest short coming was trying a new cookie recipe.

Cookie Crumbs 001

Don’t they look good?!? I mean, what’s not to like: caramel good, shortbread good, dark chocolate good, coconut good. Ya, these cookies were meant to be in my baking arsenal (and in my belly). The hubster who proclaims he does not like sweets kept bugging me about when I would actually make them (the ingredients were on the kitchen counter taunting him for a good week). So to put him out of his misery and since I having been having a hard week (or two)  I decided to give them a go cause we could all use a treat.

The first part of the process went smoothly, coconut was toasted (had to restrain myself not to eat it all) and cookies were the perfect shade of light toasted brown. The kitchen smelled heavenly. And then it went to being crap on a cracker from there.

It may have been the caramels I used, it may have been the fact that I was using a Teflon pot for my double boiler, whatever it was everything started going horribly wrong.

The caramel started setting too quickly which made it a pain to stir into the coconut and next to impossible to spread on the cookies so the coconut mixture would stick to the said cookie (trust me it won’t stick to the cookies without it, I tried to skip this step and failed).  And then I started noticing things that should not be there; pieces of metal from the bottom of my pan were ending up in my cookies.

Cookie Crumbles 002

I had a major brain fart lapse and used my Teflon pan instead of my stainless steal ones, putting some nice gouges in the bottom of it as I scraped the caramel mixture out. When my baking adventures do not turn out I take it very personally. My poor Padawan saw it first hand when I was 7 months pregnant and trying to bake his birthday cake, he ended up telling me it was ok if I just bought him a cake that year; still owe him his Clone Trooper cake for being such a good sport about seeing his mom cry over a cracked cake.

I am sure none of you have had a melt down over a baking/cooking/crafting fiasco, right? Can you handle baking when emotional, cause apparently I should give the Kitchen Aid and oven a wide berth when I am.  Anyone willing to share their failed attempts at a new recipe or craft? Someone needs to share one to make me feel a little better about mine, pretty please with a cookie on top (minus the chocolate, coconut and caramel though).


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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