Polka-Dot Afro

It is hard to believe but we are down to the wire for Little Miss’ first birthday (yikes!) And as any good parent know it is really is not about the kiddo on their first birthday (you all know its true), it’s more of a celebration that you survived that first year without too much damage being done. Little Miss will not probably remember her first birthday (except for what she will see in pictures) but that is not stopping this mama from going all out.

I have big plans I tell you, BIG plans. I have not planned out a party like this since the hubster’s Harry Potter surprise party and our wedding. I just can’t help myself, if I wasn’t a stay at home mama and had to option of going to work again I would try my darnest to do something with wedding planning. Well, enough about that lets get on to the good stuff: Little Miss’ big day (her birthday NOT her wedding although I will probably cry like a baby that day too). Now with any good party you need a theme…and what theme does one give to a one-year old’s birthday? We can easily rule out the theme we used for Padawan’s first birthday: Nemo, since Little Miss is terrified of Bruce the shark and does not want anything to do with that movie.

No “Under the Sea” theme for this girl, instead we are going polka-dot for this shindig. Polka-dot afro to be more precise. And if you need some theme music before continuing on with this post here is some for your enjoyment.

And what does a polka-dot afro circus birthday look like you ask? Well, here is a collection of images collected (and pinned on Pinterest of course) that I think say scream polka-dot afro circus.

Polk-Dot Afro 001

**Links to photos can be found on this Pinterest board**

I am super exicted to start making all the decorations for this party (the fun is in the details!) I have a growing list of craft items to get at the local Jo Ann’s, just have to wait for all my coupons to work and I am going to go all kinds of craft crazy! Hopefully I have given myself enough time to get all the things I want to do done, a month and a half is enough time right?!? I won’t even go into the list of things I want to get done to the house before we invite family and friends to the first party/get together we have had since the move. Make that the first party we have had in our own home period (never mind that the hubster’s birthday party was at our old place).  Okay, okay I will probably write out a list of the projects I want to get done on top of making the decor for the birthday girl’s day, the hubster has to have a list to refer so he can’t say I never told him (love ya babe).

How about you? Do any of you have any big plans for a party in the works? What about your favorite party as a parent or as a kid? I personally loved Padawan’s Thomas the train party (mainly cause the cake I did turned out AMAZING) and my favorite birthday party as a kid was my Strawberry Shortcake party that my grandma made a HUGE cutout cake of Strawberry Shortcake.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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