Let’s Get It Done Already!

Sorry for the delay in posting it has been crazy around here. First, Padawan got sick and then Little Miss got sick and refuses to sleep so you can only guess where that ended up for this mama; after two days of being sneezed and spit up on with very little sleep she wound up sick too. Thankfully the hubster took a day off from work to help keep me sane by taking over for a couple hours so my battery could get partially recharged so I can face the possible night with no sleep again. Isn’t mother hood grand?

The last I left off I was showing off some of the grand plans for Little Miss’ first birthday and I stated that this would be the first time we would be entertaining guests in our new place since the move (and probably the only one if things go accordingly). So before I start listing off all the crazy wonderful ideas I have for the party decor I thought I would fill you all in the stuff that still needs to get done around here before we have a party (I will not remind you that we have been here for nearly a year now…oh, snap that cat is out of the bag!)

Let the Hunger Games, Get This Stuff Done Games begin and hopefully the odds are in my favor (aka no more colds or sick babies!)

The first thing that needs to be done is the dining room table and chairs. Thanks to the hubster the table is finito and 3 of the 6 chairs have their primer coat and first paint coats on them ready for a party (and their stylish new party hats seat covers). So three more chairs basically need to go from this:

Let's Get It Done 001

to this:

Let's Get It Done 002

Just imagine that last photo with the zebra seat covers or maybe some turquoise velvet (yum). I personally think the chairs were made to be white, they look so crisp and fresh and incredible instead of looking like your great aunt’s hand-me-downs.

The next item on the list to complete is two-fold: finish the wall frame galleries on the stair landings and then (can’t believe I am admitting to this) put actual pictures in them.  Yep, that’s my dirty little secret: I hang up picture frames before I put pictures of my family into them. Please don’t tell our photographer that we still don’t have prints of our last two family portraits anywhere in the house (though you can find them in my families’ homes and the hubster’s office). I just find it easier to make the decision of the “look” of the gallery based on the frame shapes/sizes and then decide which photos to fill them in with. I’m not the only one who does this, or am I?

Let's Get It Done 003

Thought I would include the reality of my life in that my infant daughter photobombs at least one for one of my pictures. Just trying to keep it real around here.

Let's Get It Done 004Yikes, for bare walls! I swear, if we were not currently renting every walls’ surface would not be safe from me taking a hammer or paint brush to it. Beige boring walls are not my thing.  So after I the husbter finishes painting the chairs, the rest of the pictures frames are hung and actually filled, the next project to get done would be tackling the area by the front door.

Let's Get It Done 005

Not much going on there is there? Don’t worry I have a plan to remedy that. My inspiration comes from these two pictures;

Let's Get It Done 006

//image from here//image from here//

We have a bookcase in our spare room/craft room that used to be in Padawan’s room and before that in my room as a kid so it has seen better days and many different paint choices. I think it was originally painted pink when it was in my room, then white, and then navy blue for Padawan.  If all goes according to plan it will get another paint color added to it’s layers in the near future and possibly lose a shelf to make room for a spot for hooks to hang the boys’ bags for work and school.

This project will hopefully bring some usefulness to this funny little area and give us a much needed place to store our bags, shoes and all those things that currently have no designated home. The leftover paint from other projects will be utilized so cost for this project will be close to $0 which is an added bonus. I would love to add some crown molding to the top of it to give it a more polished look and  just need to figure out how to tape off some chevron patterns on the back to add some punch and color. I am envisioning something like this:

Let's Get It Done 007

//image from here//

And here is all the project goals to do before mid-April (YIKES!):

  • Finish painting 3 chairs
  • Primer and paint 3 remaining chairs
  • Recover seat covers (and finally decide on fabric)
  • Primer and paint bookshelf
  • Go chevron crazy with the bookshelf
  • Finish wall/frame galleries in stair wells
  • Print off pictures and ACTUALLY put in frames (good bye model families its been nice looking at you!)
  • Prime and paint mirror (sorry no pictures, it is crazy dirty and I am sure you don’t want to see its “before” until it is at least washed down
  • Hang mirror in dining room
  • Go to Ikea and get rug for dining room (and other items as well)
  • Paint the pallet that our TV is currently resting on which is a hilarious story that I should definitely fill you all in on (poor hubster)

I swear when things get written down in list form they become scarier, did not think I had that many projects I wanted to get done before Little Miss’ big day. Hope I am up to the challenge, hope the hubster is up to the challenge. Do any of you have projects that you want to tackle? Any tips to skip procrastination and get right down to business?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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