A Chair Worthy of the Name

Hi all! Hope you had a good and productive weekend cause we here at the Ponderosa did not. We slept in, watched movies, and ate way too much spicy Kung Po chicken in efforts to fend off this cold. We did get out of the house a bit when we meet up with family up at the great city of Oz (aka Ikea). If you remember I won a $50 gift card to there and it has been burning a hole in my purse ever since, so I jumped at the opportunity to “get the stink off” and visit my favorite store (and family too of course).

There were no big purchases and no dent was made in the gift card (besides a couple small items like a picture frame for a project and a new bag for my growing yarn stash).  But I did fall in love. With a chair. The most perfect chair ever. I swear if I could have dragged it home with me I would have.

A Chair Worthy 001

Like I said, perfect.

But sadly, the $50 fell a wee bit short…like $220 short. Ouch! At least chair that Little Miss wanted to take home was more affordable, too bad it was not as good looking.

A Chair Worthy 002

The hubster distracted my disappointment of being chair-less with a cinnamon roll (no meatballs for me thank you very much). Were any of you more productive than I was this weekend? Find any good deals or drool worth finds?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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