Working For Circus Peanuts

Anyone who is anyone knows that when you plan a party the most important thing (besides the decorations) is the food. Like it or not people will judge you on your food choices and will remember the food long after they forget what it looked like. I still have people talking to me about my wedding food and how good it was (I have to admit it was pretty darn good!) So besides the growing stash of decoration supplies that are taking over my newly acquired Ikea bag (can’t wait to share them all with you guys) is the growing list of possible food ideas for a Polka-Dot Afro Circus birthday party.

Now when I did the hubster’s Harry Potter surprise party I went all out in the food department, which was hard cause it was a surprise party and I am sure the hubster would have noticed unusual items in the fridge (I hid them at my grandma’s house, thank you again grandma!) And all the food had a Harry Potter connection; i.e.. Professor Sprouts Asparagus Spears, Butterbeer (best drink on the planet as far as I am concerned), Bronze Knut Zucchini Chips, Slughorn’s Meat Pies, Kreacher’s French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms, Pumpkin Pasties. You get the idea.

Circus Peanuts 000

But with Little Miss’ party I have plenty of time and don’t have to worry about keeping it a secret to plan out a menu. Which is a good thing cause bouncing ideas of the hubster is my favorite way of fleshing out the details. And here is what I have come up with so far for a menu:

Circus Peanuts 001

//Funfetti Dip with Animal Cookies//Party Popcorn//

Circus Peanuts 002

//Cotton Candy//Pull-apart Elephant Ear Bread//Animal Cracker Truffles//

And to make sure those that want to watch their waistline and sugar intake, we will have a healthier option of finger foods as well:

Circus Peanuts 003

//Banana Spilt Bites//Fresh Fruit//Individual Veggie Cups//

And of course, no birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake. In this case 2 since Little Miss gets her own mini smash cake to enjoy while here guests will enjoy a traditional vanilla cake with polk-dots minus baby drool.

Circus Peanuts 004

//Mini Smash Cake//Polk-Dot Birthday Cake//

So there is our menu so far for a Polka-Dot Afro Circus birthday party. We will have yummy drinks as well, we are thinking pink lemonade, tea, and maybe a sherbet based punch as well (all things that scream circus). I am not sure if I want to do ice cream as well since Little Miss reacts to when I eat dairy but I can always get some of the yummy coconut milk ice cream from Trader Joe’s and prescoop it like so:

Circus Peanuts 005

//Individual Ice Cream Cups//

I am sure all of our guests will be coming down from a sugar high for the rest of the weekend after this party! How about you, are any of you into planning the menu for parties? What would your ultimate party menu look like? Are you the type of party goer that enjoys the food more than the decor?

**Links and more inspiration can be found on my Pinterest Board here**


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