Taste the Rainbow

Hope you all had a jolly green weekend! Ours was spent with family (more on that later) but I did find the time to do a little project with Padawan to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  We have never really been into celebrating this particular holiday, never saw the appeal of wearing green, drinking green milk, and pinching others for not participating. But when we saw this little nugget of craftiness, I figured it would a cute favor to give the grandparents.

Taste the Rainbow 001

So one night last week while the hubster was cooking dinner, Padawan and I sat down and sorted out Skittles. Sadly, I was disappointed when we dumped the first bag into out bowl to see that there were no blue ones. How can one taste the rainbow when one of the essential colors is missing? I swear, Skittles used to have blue or am I wrong? Disappointment aside (kind of sad when your favorite color is no longer included) we set about sorting out the colors into separate bowls, and eating the ones that fell on the floor. Padawan seemed to be dropping an awful lot of them (can’t blame, I dropped a few on purpose accident too).

Taste the Rainbow 002

Then it was left to the mama to get the chocolate coins to behave (I think my Trader Joe’s pineapple salsa jars were a little too small, but the emptying of them was worth it) and get the “almost” rainbow in going backwards. Anyone else use the anagram ROY G BIV to remember the order of colors in a rainbow? If not, you should it’s a little helpful reminder that has helped me since the third grade.  Padawan’s favorite part was adding the marshmallows on top for the clouds, that kid could eat his weight in marshmallows if we let him!

When all was said and done we had two very cute “St. Patrick’s Day in a Jar” favors to give to grandparents to enjoy. Although I did end up painting the lid of the jar white to extend the “clouds” of the jar since they were pretty much hidden after the lid was put on.

Taste the Rainbow 003

Padawan loved giving them to his Grandma Great and Grandma Lynn, and they loved getting them from him but not so thrilled when he asked them to get him a chocolate coin from the bottom of the jar. So there is our little celebration of St. Patrick’s Day (the kid’s some how ended up wearing green on pure accident, the hubster and I were not so lucky but thankfully were not pinched).  How about you, do any of you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with more gusto than us? Or are you ruddy-duddys like us who hardly ever mark this holiday?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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