They Put A Ring On It

This past weekend we spent with my family since we had a family wedding to go to and our handsome little man was the ring bearer for the second time in his short life. Padawan can be kind of shy at times but when you promise him he can dress up in fancy clothes he is willing to do just about anything, including walking down the aisle in front of a lot of people. This mama says a silent prayer every time he does something in public because he was “that kid” that ran off the stage crying in his preschool’s Christmas pageant, but he did his mama proud and was such a good kid the whole time. Which is saying a lot since it was a long ceremony, a beautiful one but long.
Wedding 001

For a Padawan he sure cleans up nicely. As for the pursed lips, we don’t know what that was all about. At least he had a straight face during the ceremony…

Wedding 002

Well, most of the time anyways.

Wedding Collage 003

These photos remind me of the ones at our wedding where he kept making faces at his Day-day. I should have known that was case with the silly faces he made during this ceremony, I only learned this later at the reception when my mom outed him (bad Day-day, bad).

Little Miss had fallen asleep right before the ceremony and we know we shouldn’t have but we joked about taking bets of what part of the ceremony she would wake up; my money was on the “Does anybody object?” part but that never came during the ceremony, is that something that brides and grooms no longer include?? I forget when she did wake up but she had a lot to say on the matter and we were even treated to her new “scrunchy” face a few times during her speech.

Wedding 004

Wedding 005
Her speech got even better when she started “reading” from the program, I just wish we knew what she was so passionate about. Hopefully it was not her plans for her own wedding cause this mama (and dada) are not ready to even entertain THAT idea for at least another 40 years!

Or maybe she was giving us her input on her new kicks we got her on the way to the wedding (clearance rack with an additional 50% off Woohoo for that deal!)
Wedding 012

So there was our first wedding as a family of four (hubster’s and my first as a married couple as well) and I think we survived it pretty much unscathed. No tantrums, no meltdowns. just a couple of tired kiddos (and parents) when it was all over. Now that wedding season is officially upon us do any of you have any big shindigs to attend? Any advice for going to weddings with kids in tow? Or do you use the opportunity to have a kid-free date night when you get invited?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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