It is spring break in our neck of the woods so that means lots of sleeping in and lazing around, ummm ya right. How is it kid’s internal clocks can always recognize the difference between vacation and school days; it’s a bear getting them up on school days but they can wake up at 7 (or earlier) on days off ready to go at full speed. With the not sleeping in you would at least think we would be taking things easy…again you would be wrong. The hubster has been busy cranking out the painting projects and I am at the helm plowing through the projects for Little Miss’ birthday party.

One of the things that I was drawn to including on the big day was a picture timeline of Little Miss’ first year. You know the ones like this one:

Timeline 001

and this one:

Timeline 002

//Swanky Chic//

The approach I am taking is a little different. If you have not noticed by now on here, I love the filters on Instagram and many of the photos I take on a daily basis are with my iPhone and through Instagram (easier to clean baby finger prints off of then poor Ansel’s lens).  So I am taking some of my Instagram photos of Little Miss, printing them off, and then hanging them with customized itty bitty clothespins.

As many of you may (or may not know) there are quite a few different ways to get your Instagram photos off your phone and on to paper. I went the route of creating a 12×12 collage and printed it off at a local printing service center.  Then comes the fun of cutting them out, any takers? Oh come on, just look at the cute little pictures that you will get to enjoy while you cut nice crisp straight lines for me.

Timeline 003

Timeline Collage 002

Timeline Collage 003

Just look at all those little squares of cuteness! Have any of you tried printing off and using your Instagram pictures? What kind of projects would you want to try with them? Any success stories?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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