We Got the Beat, We Got the Beat

Ya, we got it!! Well, the Padawan has it. To kick off our spring break we treated the little man to a very special treat for bringing home an awesome report card. Meeting all grade level requirements = a tall peppermint hot chocolate (which sounds very grown up when he orders it himself). Exceeding grade level requirements in math = a totally awesome time playing drums in a sound studio.

Thanks to the gracious offer from a very talented friend of ours and an avid reader of my blog (here is your internet shout out Jaker, we love you and you’re awesome!) Padawan was invited to go play drums, something he has always wanted to try. The hubster and I decided that with such a stellar report card it was high time to take Jakers up on his offer so the hubster took the kiddo down to the sound booth/room/area and let the kid go “animal.”

We Got the Beat 001

Since the space is small and there was only enough ear protection for three people, Little Miss and I stayed behind and worked on organizing our craft/play room we affectionally call “the land of spare oom.” The hubster had to be reminded to take photos of Padawan having a blast since he too took a swing at the drums a few times.

We Got the Beat 002

We Got the Beat 003

We Got the Beat 004

If you can’t tell from the photos, Padawan had a blast! He was wearing a HUGE grin the whole day and kept asking when he could go back and play some more. He loved the fact that every time he hit the drums they would light up and turn colors (what kid wouldn’t love that?!?!?) All in all he was one happy kid (and the hubster was pretty stoked from the whole day too). Now if only they would listen to me when I say “No” to having a drum set at home. I know, I know, mean mom crushing the dreams of rock-star-wanna-be. How about you would you let your kiddos or husband talk you into bringing in a LOUD instrument? Or would you be the one rocking out in the garage?


One thought on “We Got the Beat, We Got the Beat

  1. That’s so cool! I would have flipped out if my parents had done that for me as a little one.

    There are many ways of making real drums softer, by the way! I play all the time in an apartment with very thin walls, and I don’t think my neighbors ever hear me. I use drum brushes, rubber mutes on the heads and other little tricks so it’s no louder than a TV at medium volume. Much more musical sounding than a cheesy electronic kit also!

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