Got Ya Covered

We are finally coming to the end of our table and chair project (Ya, no more paint fume smelling hubster!) After priming and painting and more priming and painting we are looking at fabric samples to get those babies covered. But before we do a big reveal of them in their finished glory I thought I would share how we solved our problem of being renters in a townhouse with no real workable space to do much of any home improvement project in.

Enter the Dexter room. We picked up a package of plastic sheets at our favorite home improvement store and constructed a tent room in our garage al a mode our favorite good serial killer. So instead of getting paint all over the garage floors and walls, we had it all over the plastic sheets. Plastic sheets turned out to be pretty handy and prove to be a quick clean up as well. Hopefully the garbage men don’t question our garbage bags stuffed with sheets of plastic. We don’t have a boat nor live near a major gulf stream so we can’t dispose of them in a Dexter-esque fashion (that and it would be polluting which is not cool at all in our book!)

Got Ya Covered 001

Just look at that hubster go to work. Back off ladies he is mine!

Got Ya Covered 002

Got Ya Covered 003

So there was the solution to our lack of painting space, what do you think? Any other renters out there that have come up with creative ways to do bigger projects? What have been your solutions? Any good success tips or projects gone awry stories you wanna share?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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