Mini Fashionista

Little Miss LOVES to help pick out her clothes for the day. At the end of her throwing choosing process the floor is covered in her tops and pants which looks cuter than piles of my laundry could ever look. Maybe that is because all her things are miniaturized. Why does shrinking things down make them cuter?? Horses eh, small pony “squeal” change mind of wanting a horse; husky dogs they are nice looking dogs, a pom-husky “it’s so fluffy I could die!” Ya, if it was up to me I would totally shrink everything down; “Shrink Ray.”

But seriously isn’t her “not wearing this today” pile cute or what?

Mini Fashionista 001

Mini Fashionista 002I know some moms out there will think I am crazy for waiting nearly a year (not ready for that day!) to put shoes on Little Miss’ cute feet but I honestly can’t stand paying almost just as much for my shoes as for shoes that will fit her for a month and she will not even wear that often. She does however have three pairs waiting for her to grow into cause again shoes that have been miniaturized are my mommy Achille’s heel. “Aw, sock shoe!”

Thankfully my lateness in introducing her to shoes has had no hamper on her willingness to wear them. She is a true girl and even brings me her pink Converse to put on her after we put her stylish ensembles on her.

Mini Fashionista 003

I love that she thinks she is a “big” girl picking out her clothes, even if it does make me want to cry that she is already that grown up. I just want to freeze her at this age for a while longer (“Freeze Ray!”) as I sit and watch her pull her things out of her drawers throwing them this way and that, stopping every once in a while and exclaiming “ohhh, etty (pretty).”  I have the feeling I will have a girly-girl on my hands in the very near future, what do you think?


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