Let’s Get It Started

Oh man, oh geez was our weekend eventful! We conquered our to do list (nothing like sliding in under the wire at the last minute), had a house FULL of people, saw a few other babies (of the non-human variety) and woke up Sunday morning to a big girl. Not too sure about having a big girl in the house, ever since turning one she has been all sorts of bossy and is doing crazy things like trying to walk all on her own. Who knew one could be so defiant?

After all these happenings shenanigans you can only imagine just how full poor Ansel is. So instead of bombarding you all with a plethora (thats a fun word isn’t it?!?) of photos I will be kind and spread them out across a few posts. And what are you in store for today you may ask? How about the fun little details that we worked on to get Little Miss’ birthday bash all sorts of Polka-Dot Afro Circus fun!

And here it is in all it’s Polka-Dot Circus glory! Thanks to Pinterest it was full of circus themed foods that my poor guests wasitlines could have done without ever meeting.

BIrthday Details 001

Birthday Details 002

The cake was not how I had originally envisioned it, but when you are in crunch time you make due and make it work. I think it turned out well and it fit nicely with all the original plan of going all sorts of circus and polka-dot crazy! What do you think?
Birthday Details 003

The polk-dot popcorn was a HUGE hit and so was the elephant ears pull-apart bread, especially with the younger guests. I never got to try the elephant ears, it went too fast and I was too busy being a host and taking care of the birthday girl to get much of any of the tasty treats I had worked so hard on.

Birthday Details 004

Birthday Details 005

How’s that for some Polka-Dot Circus fun? We had to scratch a couple food items at the last minute due to time and ill behaving ingredients. All in all it turned out a success and I was a happy, pleased mama with my efforts. There is all the little details after all the planning, stay tuned for the guests, presents, and of course the birthday girl in the next post, as well as some pretty cute little babies.

If you missed the previous posts that led to this extravaganza you can start at the planning, the menu creation, and the stationary to get even more Polka-Dot Circs goodness.


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