Padawan’s Prattles

Padawan Prattle 001

Am I the only mom out there that wonders where my kid comes up with the strangest sayings? Are kids born with some kind of wit we lose as we get older, cause I am honestly wondering where the heck Padawan comes up with stuff. He has always has some little witty thing to say and half the time he has no idea how incredibly funny what he says is. In an effort to preserve his little wits of wonder (can anyone say graduation toast material) enter in Padawan’s Prattles.

Convo #1
Family Friend Devin: What is the capitol of Texas?
Padawan: That is easy it is “T.”

Convo #2
Me (while pregnant): How badly do you want a baby brother or sister?
Padawan: I don’t want a bad one, they need to be good!

Convo #3
Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Padawan: A clone trooper.
Me: You can’t be a clone trooper because a clone is a copy of another person.
Padawan: I will be a copy of me.


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