Two Lips for Tulips

Now I have lived in our great state my whole life, all 29 years of it. And in all those years (be kind it’s not that many) I have never been to the Tulip Festival. What makes that even sadder is that tulips are one of my favorite flowers right next to peonies (now do you say “pe-o-ny” or “pe-a-ny”).  What is a Tulip Festival you ask? It’s fields and fields of tulips to frolic through, among other cute little tourist-y things.

Two Lips for Tulips 001

Cute-sy tourist-y giant wooden shoes, ya we were all over them like bees on honey. When Padawan was asked why he stuck his arms out, he replied “Cause I am a windmill.” Please tell me that is obvious to you, cause I must have missed that in the last game of charades. Two Lips for Tulips 002

Two Lips for Tulips 003

Two Lips for Tulips 004

You can only imagine the fun we had when we kept finding all the wooden cut-out photo areas. I think we hit every single one and then got at least a dozen pictures at each one. When you have an 8 year old and a 1  year (yikes that is still weird to say) you keep the camera clicking in hopes you catch at least one with a smile from both kiddos.

Two Lips for Tulips 005I love Little Miss’ face in the top left photo! The girl cracks me up, she is such a bundle of personality.

In between all the fun photo ops we walked across most of the fields of beautiful tulips, that sadly were protesting against the unusually warm weather we had just had the week earlier. Note to self go earlier in the season next year. But despite the warm weather and the season of tulips coming to an end (sad face) there were still LOTS of color and LOTS of tulips to stop and enjoy.

Two Lips for Tulips 006Two Lips for Tulips 007

Two Lips for Tulips 008

Then we found a real treat in the middle of the fields: a PINK John Deere tractor. Surprisingly, Padawan did not mind it being pink at all and hopped on it like he belonged there. What is it about tractors that attracts young boys so much? Is it that they work in the dirt? Or becauset they are such big machines?

Two Lips for Tulips 009

And Little Miss being the little adventurer that she is did not want to be left behind when her big brother was having all the fun. So of course she made herself at home climbing (as much as we would let her) all over the PINK, did I mention it was PINK, tractor. Two Lips for Tulips 010

Two Lips for Tulips 011

Eventually she ended up in one of her favorite places, her big brother’s lap. Two Lips for Tulips 012

Every day that I see them together my heart feels so squishy and happy and filled to the brim with joy. He had asked for a sister since he was 3 years old, he was not patient about it  and was more than a little excited when we told him he was going to be a big brother. Honestly, I think he was born to be a big brother. The love between them is so evident and amazing, makes me wish that I could have had a big brother when I was growing up.

Two Lips for Tulips 013

So that is a Tulip Festival, fun no? They had a lot more activities planned for weekends (we just happened to go on a weekday) so I am sure next year we will try to hit up some of the those cause who wouldn’t want to see them make wooden shoes and have an excuse to eat an elephant ear. Do you have any cute festivals in your neck of the woods? Have you tried them out?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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