Tractor Time

On our recent family outing to the Tulip Festival, I went a little snap happy. A whopping 395 pictures, which may be a little more than snap happy. The tulips may have been this mama’s favorite part of the day, but according to the hubster and Padawan the tractors were what made the trip.

Tractors 001

No, I am not talking about that pink tractor again. I am talking about these guys:

Tractors 002

Antique tractors! These guys were pretty awesome and come to find out are fully working! On the weekends the owners come and start them up and actually use them in the tulip fields. Maybe it is a good thing we did not go on a weekend, we would have never pried Padawan away from these guys if they were up and running.

Tractors 003

Tractors 004

This guy had to be my favorite but that is probably because its name is both my kiddos initials backwards which has special meaning to us. Yes, my kids each have 3 names and yes, they are the same initials; it is a cool little tradition we started accidentally with Padawan and wanted to keep going with Little Miss which took quite a bit of planning.

Tractors 005
“Mom, get a photo of the knobs and firebox and stuff.” I heard a lot of these phrases shouted out to me as we made the way down the line. If it was up to Padawan the 395 pictures I took would have been just of the tractors. You have to love a kids enthusiasm though.

Tractors 006

They were pretty amazing I will have to admit. The historical archaeologist in me was pretty impressed with them and would have loved to have spent more time looking them over but when there are tulips to be had the pretty little things trump over the heavy metal wonders of yester-year. How about you, would you have spent more time frolicking among the tulips or would you have been drooling over heavy machinery with my boys?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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