Cowlick King

If you have been paying attention to the last few posts, you can tell that Padawan is in dire need of a haircut. I admire the moms of young boys who can upkeep their kids locks and keep them looking like well groomed gentlemen, sadly that is a mom skill I am still lacking. When Padawan was younger he had the cutest set of curls in his hair, now they are just waves and at least 5 cowlicks.

Padawans Hair 001

Aw, cute baby Padawan. Doesn’t Little Miss look like her big brother? She has a lot darker hair than he ever did and she has the exact same curls now that I hope last longer than Padawan’s (I am NOT cutting them off anytime soon in an effort to keep them around longer).

Padawans Hair 002

When Padawan does get a haircut, he looks pretty polished up. For a while there he had to have his hair in a “hohawk” as he called them. He made all the girls’ hearts melts. Then he grew up and he no longer wanted his hair in a “hohawk.” I am still grieving over this and am secretly hoping he brings them back.

Padawans Hair 003

Our family photos two years ago was the last time the “hohawk” made an appearance, and I practically had to beg him to let me style his hair that way. I luckily won out because I am the “boss” and “am in charge of how everyone looks on picture day” according to the hubster; not like I don’t dress the family the rest of the year as well.

Padawans Hair 004

We did try to route of keeping his hair groomed by doing it at home. To be truthful, we attempted this once and it was an epic fail. Padawan’s hair is thick which is an understatement; his hair does not get longer it gets TALLER. Not to mention those 5 cowlicks we previously mentioned. Combine that all together with an old hair trimmer of the hubsters that quite working after only half of Padawan’s hair being trimmed mowed and the end result is this:

Padawans Hair 001

Poor kiddo had to wear a hat the rest of the day while we waited for the trimmer to charge. Lesson learned: we will leave his hair taming to the professionals like his Papa. Good thing we have a trip to visit our favorite barber this weekend cause pretty soon Padawan’s hair will grow to crazy proportions!

Padawans Hair 006

Any moms out there have some tips to keep a boys hair from going all sorts of tortilla helmet crazy? Or would you just let it all grow out to avoid the bi-weekly haircuts? Doesn’t Padawan resemble the villain off of “Wreck It Ralph” (our current family favorite movie to watch)?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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