Oh, A Hunting We Will Go

A hunting we will go, high ho the dairy oh a hunting we will go. House hunting that is. As the months start dwindling down to our expected due date of being able to buy a house, the more frequently we check the market. I keep checking and checking and checking some more, and it is inevitable I fall in love with one house or another and then not even 2 days later it’s status becomes that dreaded “sale pending.”

It is usually me that does most of the searching and then sending along the postings that I really like to the hubsters. But there are the rare occasions when we search for houses together, which is sometimes not the best of solutions. Maybe it is time for another look at just how different our home preferences are, remember how fun the last one was?

So here are the breakdown of how we look for hunt down houses. As always ladies first.

First things first, I punch in all my criteria: budget, how many bedrooms and bathrooms, eliminate all the town homes and condos (I want a REAL house please), and enter in the key neighborhoods we are interested in. 

Sorted out by most recently added I scroll down the list looking at ones that I like visually, most of the time I am drawn to houses like these:

Hunting We Will Go 001

But sadly, most of the houses in our area and within our price range look like these:

Hunting We Will Go 002

Don’t get me wrong, I can work with a ranch and I have plenty of inspiration in the last two ranches that Young House Love has rocked to fuel one ranch of my very own, but my heart will always belong to those old Craftsmen.

Then as any good mama does, she checks the schools first before scrolling through the rest of the pictures and falling in love with the house only to be soul suckingly crushed when the schools suck. We tried homeschooling and it didn’t fit so a good school is majorly important.

Good school: check, now feel free to look through photos and either

a) recoil in horror

b) fall in love, only to see it is at the limit of our budget

c) fall in love, only to hear hubster reply “I don’t know about it, I want a bigger yard.”

d) pull out hair in frustration that I looked at picture before school data and fell in love too quickly

e) save as favorite and pray reverently that it either drops dramatically in price at the right moment or stays on the market long enough to see it in person

That is my process. And it usually ends with going to Pinterest and getting more inspiration on how to update a fixer-upper on a budget and an “Oh my chicken nuggets we are looking at buying a house, I feel like passing out” phase.

The hubster’s process varies greatly from mine.

Let’s start with the broadest search area possible with no limiting search data. Just imagine that good ol’ needle in a haystack analogy. From there phrases like this are heard “Oh look at this one it’s great, wow that’s too much,” “Where the heck is that located,” “This one looks good, no wait it only has one bathroom.”

He of course looks through ALL the pictures first and asks me if I want to save it to my list of favorites. Then comes the parade of pictures of houses (“how could you not have seen these in your search?”) that I am shown were phrases like these jump off the pages (are there pages on the internet??)

“Fixer-upper” “Needs new carpets due to animal urine smell” “Unfinished basement” “In need of elbow grease”

and images like these attack my overwhelmed brain

Hunting We Will Go 003

My response: “What about the schools?” “What about the neighborhood demographics?”

Hubster: “How do you look up that information?” “Maybe you should be the one that does this and I will just follow your lead.”

Ya, maybe it is better to leave the house hunting to me since I know what I will be happy with and what I will detest. Anyone else find those weird little jut-outs and cut aways in the walls annoying? Why can’t walls just be straight and flush anymore? If you are trying to add character do built-ins like those dear-to-my-heart Craftsman not just make awkward spaces which limits furniture arrangement or those little spaces that are nothing more than dust collectors. Please tell me I am not the only one that feels this way. I’m not am I? Oh, well maybe it is just me and my poor little overly stimulated brain from all the horrible wallpaper and tile choices that the world of homeownership has to offer.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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