I hope all of you screamed that post out loud when you read it, oh come on now you know you want to. Ok, on the count of three everybody shout “ICE CREAM MAN” at the top of your lungs…….who cares what they guy in the next cubicle thinks…1…it’s ice cream who doesn’t get excited about ice cream…2….the wrong kind of people don’t get excited about ice cream…3…ICE CREAM MAN!! Admit it you screamed it? The hubster and I still scream it but for an entirely different manner.

We screamed it for the fact that it sounds like some thing we had to keep secret for nearly 3 looonng and antagonizing months (and no it is not in reference into excuse#6 in yesterday’s post).  Now you are all whispering it to yourselves trying to figure out what it sounds like aren’t you?!?!

How about a hint? Hmmm, how about the easiest hint of all: the happiest place on earth!! That’s right: DISNEYLAND!!! (see it does sound like ICE CREAM MAN!!) We planned the whole thing in secret, the Padawan had no idea what was going on, he even missed the last week of school for us to take him. Honestly, I am surprised the hubster and I were able to keep it a secret as long we were, hence the reason we would randomly shout out “ICE CREAM MAN!!” Were we stoked? Beyond. How stoked you ask? To infinity and beyond!! (just a little Disney humor for you all).

Ice Cream Man 001

Padawan was super surprised (he thought we were joking) when we went to drop off the hubster for what the Padawan thought was a special trip to send dad off to a business trip. He didn’t really believe us until we got on the plane (for his first time ever) and we had to keep reminding him the whole time where we were going.  I felt like a kid again (and I know the hubster did too cause he kept bouncing around in his seat the whole time).

Ice Cream Man 002

I wish my parents had pulled off a surprise like this for me when I was a kid. Although I can understand why they didn’t: it’s a lot of excitment to contain and hide from little ones who pick up on everything and who share the whole day with you. There were times I would do nothing but hide in my closet and do happy dances while whispering “We’re going to Disneyland!!” for a good five minutes. I think the hubster is just as guilty as I am for that coping tactic.

We took a HUGE amount of pictures over the two days we were in parks (it’s Disneyland and that’s my excuse) but I will leave with a taster to wet your palette of the magical cuteness and goodness that ensued on our first BIG family trip!

Ice Cream Man 003

My 3 favorite people in the world at the happiest place on earth, if that doesn’t make your heart melt then you must be one of those people that doesn’t get excited about ice cream. How about you, have any of you been the recipient of an awesome surprise trip or been in the same boat as the hubster and I and had to keep the awesomeness a secret??


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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