An Omelette With a Side of Mickey

ICE CREAM MAN, oh opps I mean DISNEYLAND!!! Yes, we still randomly shout out ice cream man, why don’t you? Our first morning in the parks we were a huge bundle of excitement and anticipation, even if we were a little groggy and sleep deprived from the long process of flying with two small kiddos (they both did surprisingly well and Little Miss slept for most of the flight), the whole process of finding food and settling into our hotel, and then there was the fact that none of us could fall asleep we were so excited for the morning to come!!

But we endured the wait of the night and were amped  up in the morning (thanks to an in house hotel Starbucks) and ready for the day!! When we planned our trip we decided to include a dining with the characters experience which was totally worth it seeing that it is hard as heck to find the characters out in the park!! We choose to do breakfast since it would set the mood for the rest of the day and get the kids all sugared up on Mickey waffles and a test run to see if characters would be something to avoid or not.

Mickey Omelette 001
If that isn’t the face of excitement, I don’t know what is (or wanna know what that face is actually for if it isn’t). It didn’t take long for us to find out if we would survive the coming meal cause right out front was Goofy, it is his kitchen after all. And both kids, Little Miss included, did surprisingly well. They didn’t get that from their mama, the first time I encountered characters at Disneyland I freaked.

Mickey Omelette 002

Bring on the Mickey Waffles and more characters, our kids were ready to rock this joint! And boy did we get our fill on both (who knew there were that many options for a breakfast buffet that surprisingly included desserts?!?! They don’t call it the happiest place on earth for nothing!)

Mickey Omelette 003

It was so much fun to see Little Miss react to the characters, blowing kisses and waving like seeing giant fuzzy chipmunks during breakfast is an everyday occurrence (maybe she is a Disney Princess after all).  Speaking of Princesses our first “Princess Encounter” was with Mulan (she is considered a princess isn’t she??)

Mickey Omelette 004

Then Pluto stopped by for kisses on the nose from a Little Miss

Mickey Omelette 005

And then Baloo decided our table looked like a good place to grab some grub before scratching his back, just some of the bear necessities you know 🙂

Mickey Omelette 006

Then we got lucky and got our second “Princess Encounter” with Princess Jasmine which lead to this awkward face by Padawan and a very displeasing look from Little Miss who was oddly more fond of Rafiki (who was really freaky looking).

Mickey Omelette 007

And no photo session with characters isn’t complete this days without another character photo bombing: at least it was Pluto and not that freaky Rafiki!

Mickey Omelette 008

Mickey Omelette 009

So with full bellies and a camera already being put to good use. We made our way to the parks (but stopped to get the kids some ears so they would be probably attired for the occasion)! But more on all that later!

Our breakfast with the characters was a success, have any of you had any disasters with costumed characters and your kiddos? Or were they brave and nonchalant about it like our Little Miss?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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