Back to School

We are taking a break from catching you all up on our great Disneyland adventure (Part 1 and Part 2) but don’t worry we will soon get back to all the summer fun in the most magical place on earth tomorrow. Today we have to cry celebrate a little bit with the fact that my baby, Padawan is all grown up now.

It was the first day of school around our parts and I know someone of you started school a while ago, but that does not make it any easier to see our little man all ready to go and start the third grade….third grade that does not even seem possible. It only feels like yesterday he was starting preschool.

Back to School 001

And then he had to grow up and start kindergarten, that was a hard day but that was basically because we forgot that kindergarteners start a week later and then had to figure out wedding logistics as well as first day of big kid school as well.

Back to School 002

Hard to believe that this was nearly 2 years ago, why do they have to grow up so fast?!?!?

Back to School 003

And if you remember this time last year we thought we would try our hand at homeschooling, only to make it halfway through the school year to figure out it was not the proper fit for mom or Padawan. Thankfully he took to his new school like a champ and this mama didn’t screw him up too bad and he actually came out ahead of the rest of his class (WOOHOO!).

Back to School 004

This year he was ready to start school, especially since he wanted to ask if they have a chess club (him and the hubster play every day) so he and his friends at school can play together. It makes my mama heart glad that he is excited for school and that he wants to learn things that he can share with his dad (this mama is a lost cause when it comes to chess, now checkers I can rock that game).

Back to School 005

A little part of me was sad to see him start a new grade and thus grow up a bit. But it also made me so proud of the person he is becoming and how eager he is to learn and make new friends. Little Miss on the other hand was not as happy.

Back to School 006

It will definatley take some getting use to around here to a new routine now that the lazy days of summer are over and we are back to the early mornings. Not to mention it will be just Little Miss and I for most of the day so now I have to figure out how to schedule a toddler into the fold of stay-at-home mommy duties and other things I keep myself busy with.

Did any of you have a first day of school today too? Were your kids (and you) calm and collected and ready to go? Or were you like me and trying to keep a brave face but dying inside cause your baby should not be this old yet?? Any advice on how to entertain a toddler now that her main source of entertainment (her big brother) is gone for the day??


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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