Let the Magic Begin

Where did we leave off? Oh ya, we had our awesome surprise and then we had a character filled breakfast and we are all ready to dive into the venture into the parks!! The first day we decided to devote solely to Disneyland and we would spend the second day in California Adventure and if time make our way back to Disneyland for any rides we missed the first day.

And this is where the picture craziness really began. Now Disney offers this new service where at popular picture locations they have their own photographers to take pictures with their cameras, or if you want with yours, but I was not about to hand my Ansel over to a complete stranger who then would probably mess up my settings that I worked hard to get where I wanted so all pictures were done by me and sometimes the hubster.

Let the Magic 001

Are you getting excited yet?!?!? The next picture is when it really sunk in where we were (not that a breakfast with giant characters running around wasn’t a dead giveaway).

Let the Magic 002

Padawan was eager to get on a ride and get this party started, but after seeing that most major rides had a waiting line of two hours we decided to start things off slow with rides the whole family could ride. Which really was a great way to start since the lines weren’t too bad and Little Miss was in a pleasant mood with a belly full of Mickey waffles.

Let the Magic 003

We started off with a little boat ride (Storybook Land I think it was called) and then it was off to one of the most recognizable songs in the world  which everyone has gotten stuck in their head at least once): It’s A Small World.

Let the Magic 004

Little Miss was all about dancing during the rides, but then again she hears music of any kind and she takes it as an invitation to shake her groove thing. We were just glad she was enjoying the rides and not screaming, it was a win-win for sure!

Let the Magic 005

Let the Magic 005

Let the Magic 007

Let the Magic 008

Now we were really close to this guy to catch a ride:

Let the Magic 008

But as soon as we got close enough we saw that the 2 hour long wait in line had changed since it broke down and it was one of the major rides that you can NOT get a fast pass on (boo!) So it was off to another part of the park (picked by Padawan).

Let the Magic 009

Let the Magic 010

When I went as kid, Toon Town was fairly new and for some reason seemed a lot bigger! Even though it seems to have shrunk over the years it was still full of a lot of little fun and quirky things and rides. Padawan had lots of fun exploring things and riding a couple things with the hubster since Little Miss was still too little and was about to take her afternoon nap (which meant mama could sit for a nice relaxing snuggle fest with her).

Let the Magic 011

Let the Magic 012

Let the Magic 012

Our first half of our day at Disneyland was pretty darn exciting, we found out both our kiddos LOVE rides and that they are pretty patient little people with large crowds and lines (but then again it’s hard to be unhappy at the happiest place on earth!) I will share the rest of our first day tomorrow since this post is filling up with pictures and I am only halfway through the pictures I earmarked to share for the first day (told I went picture crazy!)

How about you, what rides do you start off with when you go to Disneyland? Do you hit the major ones first? Or are you like us and go and just enjoy the rides and kiddos experiencing them?

In case you missed the big reveal or the our character experience just follow the links to the previous posts.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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