And the Magic Continues

Let’s see here so far we have spilled the beans on the Ice Cream Man, had breakfast full of a few recognizable faces, and shared the first half of our first day in the most magical place on earth. So let’s get a move on and show you how we spend the second half of that amazing first day!

After a run through of the craziness that is ToonTown, we made our way through the park (and the crowds) to Tomorrow Land. We had been told by friends that the Buzz Lightyear ride is a must and it just so happened to be right next to the Star Wars ride that Padawan was all for doing with the hubster.  We have to admit, our friend (Hi Jakers!) was totally right about the Buzz Lightyear ride being a must! It was so much fun! If I remember correctly Little Miss got the highest score out of all us (don’t know she pulled that one now do we, hubster?!?)

First Day Second Half 001

We played it smart and grabbed fast passes for the Star Wars ride so we had time to kill in the coolest gift shop ever. What you ask makes the collest gift shop ever the coolest? A giant x-wing of course!!

First Day Second Half 002

And the fact that provide the ability to turn the cutest baby in the world into the cutest Ewok this side of Endor, the hubster not so much (love you sweetie!)

First Day Second Half 003

We should have bought that hat, it still kills me that we walked out there without one, but at least Padawan got an ultra cool souvenir from here. He got to build his very own lightsaber (to match his R2-D2 Mickey ears of course!) Only the boys went on the Star Wars ride, this mama was busy nursing and cuddling a baby who was starting to feel the effects of an exciting day.

Our next big hit we wanted to accomplish was the Indiana Jones ride, so from Tomorrow Land (after a quick stop at the most awesomest expo display ever that deserves its own post) we winded our way over to Adventure Land. Where again our luck was not in our favor and the ride line was too long of a wait with a baby so fast passed it we did and then grabbed the next safari boat outta there!

First Day Second Half 004

He was such a trooper through all the crowds and lines, he never stopped smiling the whole entire day I swear! This kid was more than happy and excited to be here!

First Day Second Half 005

As we took the leisurely drive down the Congo River (that’s what I imagine where the ride is supposed to be in the real world), we encountered all sorts of wild life,

First Day Second Half 006

And some crazy natives that our guide told us could be canniabls, frankly I would not want to stay for dinner to find out if that statement was true or not,

First Day Second Half 007

Not to mention some pretty crazy tourists who took the boat ride along with us.

First Day Second Half 008

After all this adventure we were in need of a treat and this mama had earmarked just the treat she wanted (thank you Pinterest!): a Dole pineapple float. I know, I know it sounds bizarre but it is totally worth the long wait in line and totally worth licking the bottom of your cup to get the last drop of soft serve, tropical, pineapple-ly, heavenly goodness.

First Day Second Half 010

The boys were kind enough to endure the long standing line and give us girls the chance to sit down and have some fun playing with the camera together.

First Day Second Half 010

Ya, it is easy to say that I am smitten. I mean, who wouldn’t be she is totally adorable!

First Day Second Half 011

Now our oldest maybe somewhat of a Star Wars nut (he takes after his geeky parents) but he also loves old Westerns, so when he saw an old steam boat straight out of an old John Wayne movie he was all over taking a ride on it. Luck was finally on our side and we were able to catch the last ride of the day.

First Day Second Half 012

First Day Second Half 013

These three are what made the trip for me, love them to the moon and back. Now back to DISNEYLAND!!

First Day Second Half 014

I don’t remember riding the steamboat the last time I was at Disneyland and it is not something people tell you “you need to ride this” but I would highly recommend it. Not only is it fun and you see “historic” depictions of the “Great Rivers” and their boats but where else will you see a live game of “Duck, Duck, Moose”?

First Day Second Half 015

I LOVE this picture of him. It captures him so deep in thought and quiet and still, which if you are a mom to an 8 year old boy, you know why it is such a special picture.

First Day Second Half 016

First Day Second Half 017

After a peaceful trek along the Mississippi, we went to see about riding Thunder Mountain which was sadly closed for repairs so that coupled with Splash Mountain being down but a damper on our time in FrontierLand. That was until we snuck on over to Pirates! Now I love this ride, and they have even updated it to include my favorite pirate: Jack Sparrow. But Padawan was not the biggest fan of it since it was dark and he could not see the drops coming. I say give him a couple more years and he will right up there with his mama on loving this ride.

First Day Second Half 018

Things started winding down after Pirates and the boys went and used their Indiana Jones fast passes (Padawan liked that one except for it was too dark, I am sensing a pattern here). The kiddos started getting tired, heck mama was getting tired too. As the park started lighting up we slowly made our way back to the entrance so we could catch the bus back to our hotel putting an official close on our first day at Disneyland.

First Day Second Half 019

It was at this point, this mama wished she had brought her tripod and wasn’t beating back the crowds and 2 tired kiddos bedtime so that I could really capture the beauty that the park puts on at night. Little Miss was ready to go to bed that was until she realized we were leaving Disneyland for the day.

First Day Second Half 020

She just had to say “goodbye” one more time before she passed out on daddy’s lap on the bus ride. I may not have captured the nighttime beauty of the park but I was able to capture the sweetest “goodbye” blown kiss ever given. Oh.My.Goodness. I could eat her up I love her so!

First Day Second Half 021

There it is the second half of our first day at Disneyland, that is trimmed down to the best of my ability to overshare all our photos. We can’t wait to share our second day with all you! But first, what rides were surprised to find you liked or disliked? Did you ever imagine that pineapple soft serve would be something so addictively good? Or is there another foodie item you HAVE to hit up as soon as you get inside the park?


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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