California Dreamin

When the hubster and I began planning our awesome Disneyland trip, we were faced with a cross roads: do we spend our 2 days in Disneyland alone or split the days between Disneyland and California Adventure? Since neither of us at been to California Adventure we decided to give it a go. And boy are we glad we did! We walked out of our second day wishing we could have spent more time there instead of Disneyland!

California Dreamin 001

The boys knew right off the bat which rides they wanted to hit up before the crowds started showing up but they still obliged this mama and let her get in some quick snaps along the way to the first ride of the day (which ended being the favorite ride of the whole trip)!

California Dreamin 002

California Dreamin 003

What was the first ride you ask? Why Grizzly Mountain of course! Cause who would not want to spend the whole day in wet clothes?

California Dreamin 004

Little Miss and I did not have to wait long to see the hubster and Padawan make their way down and we had taken note on the rafts before theirs when to time and place our camera (and ourselves) so we could get a good shot and not get wet!! But poor Padawan got plenty wet! He didn’t let that damper his good spirits and he was happy for a reason to wear his new rain jacket (where we come from you ALWAYS pack a rain jacket)! See doesn’t he look dashing in it? Poor hubster restorted to holding Little Miss to get warmed up again (not that she minded being out of her stroller).

California Dreamin 005

Funny thing happened at this park, we saw more characters out and about in California Adventure than we did in Disneyland. Weird right?!? I remember them being ALL OVER the park when I was little and was there. But now it seems they are hidden away and then you have to wait in line for forever (like a ride) just to see them. I miss the old days when photos like these were easier to catch.

California Dreamin 006

Love Little Miss’ look on her face when she is next to Jessi. It seems she liked Donald more lol.

California Dreamin 007

We did have to wait in line a couple times for a quick pic with a character or two but no more than 15 minutes so we can’t complain too much. Especially when you add in the cute entertainment we got while waiting: cue the cute dancing nugget we call Little Miss.

California Dreamin 008

Awe that smile kills me!! She is way too cute for her my own good.

California Dreamin 009

Then add the hubster in there and I am in serious trouble! Pictures like this one make me want to have another or ten, I am telling you I am in serious trouble with these two.

California Dreamin 010

Moving on to the rest of the trip. The boys had plans for their next big ride which just happened to be located in Cars Land. The park scape for this “mini park” was so cute and really made you feel like you were plopped right into the movie. It had the leaning tower of tires and all!! The line was nearly a 2 hour wait but the boys were lucky enough to be able to jump the line with the single rider option which turned out to be really really lucky cause as soon as they were done the ride broke down (I swear, it felt like the whole park was constantly shutting down).

California Dreamin 011

After a high speed race (and a quick nap/nursing session for Little Miss) we bee-lined it for Bug Land. Hahahaha you see what I did there right?!? Please say you do cause sometimes I am worried I am the only one that finds my humor in this blog amusing.

California Dreamin 012

Again with these two! Too much cuteness going on!

California Dreamin 013

And then there is this pair: too much crazy going on!

California Dreamin 014

It was nice to be able to find the little rides tucked away that we could all ride together as a family. The boys were all about riding all the BIG rides, but I was just happy to enjoy the rides we got to do together; that’s what made the trip for me.

California Dreamin 015

That and cute photo ops like this! I swear, by the end of the trip Little Miss and I were pros at using a heavy Ansel to take selfies.

California Dreamin 016

We knew after Bug Land that it was time to fed the bigger people in the group (aka the mama was getting ready for our big meal out). And wouldn’t you know you it we just happened onto another ride to do together before our late lunch. It’s like they stratigically place the rides near the exits so you will never leave!! This time we took a trip under the sea and visited my sister’s favorite Princess: the Little Mer-mer (the Little Mermaid to the rest of us).

California Dreamin 017

California Dreamin 018

Little Miss did not seem to be all that impressed with Princess Ariel, she kept giving me grumpy faces the whole ride. Aunt Kat-Kat, I think we need to do a Little Mer-Mer intervention stat!

California Dreamin 019

But then somewhere around “Kiss the Girl” someone got awfully quiet.

California Dreamin 020

A belly fully of mama milk and a smooth ride with nice music makes for a great napping opportunity apparently.

California Dreamin 021

With a napping Little Miss leading the way in her stroller, we broke from the hustle and bustle of the parks and made our way here for lunch:

California Dreamin 022

We had decided to eat out near/at the park at least once besides the character meal we did (while packing the rest of our meals but more on that later), and when we saw that there was a Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney we knew we had to eat there. We’ve been to a couple before and we know that Padawan enjoys all the animals everywhere (plus it would probably entertain Little Miss as well) and their food is pretty darn good too (a salad covered in pecans, goat cheese, and strawberries is nom nom in my book).

Whew! So there it is the first half of our second day! I warned you that I had a lot of photos to share and would probably have to do multiple posts for a 2 day vacation! But you don’t mind do you? Pretty pictures are fun to look at, especially ones with cute babies in them, even more so when the cute babies are in Disneyland. Have any of you been to California Adventure? Did you like it more than Disneyland? Why or why not?

In case you missed the big revealour character experience, the magic beginning, or the continuation of the magic just follow the links to the previous posts.


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