Going Downtown

So here we are at the last leg of our trip. Our third and final day in Disneyland was full of packing (that was me) and work engagements (that was the hubster). I told the kids if they behaved and helped mama pack everything back up along with our souvenirs (how come things never fit back into the suitcases at the end of the trip??) we could go down to Downtown Disney and get a couple more souvenirs and have some more fun.

Downtown Disney 002

Downtown Disney 001

All Padawan wanted to see was the Lego store, which was pretty awesome. I mean, look at that awesome dragon built out of LEGOS!! A big internet high five and a princess crown if you can name the movie this scene is from.

Downtown Disney 007

You all better know where these guys are from! “To infinity and beyond!”

Downtown Disney 006

Downtown Disney 005

If you thought the outside sculptures (is that what you would call them?) were amazing the ones inside were pretty awesomely amazing as well! Padawan had to have his picture taken with the Hulk. Personally, I would have liked to see Iron Man (but that’s another story).

Downtown Disney 003

Then they had this thing hanging from the ceiling!! Crazy I tell you, crazy!! Do you think they glued all those pieces together so it would be safer to hang?? I don’t even want to think of how big of an ouch that would be if it fell on you, stepping on Legos is a pain I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy so I can only imagine how big a whollop that many Legos would cause.

Downtown Disney Collage 001

“Get a picture of the dragon mom!” “Mom, get a picture of the wizard for dad!” Check and check.

Downtown Disney Collage 002

After the Lego store, I had a promise to fulfill: a cotton candy promise. We had left the parks without getting Padawan the one food treat he wanted so we stopped at the cutest little candy store to get him some where I could not leave without taking a photo of these adorable candy apples! I almost swallowed the sticker shock and got them but knew they would just sit in my fridge forever like a prom corsage cause they were too cute for me to EVER eat!

Downtown Disney 008

We ended our trip at the end of the Downtown Disney district next to the Disney hotel where we found spectuarlly Disney toparies and accomplished one of my goals for the day: find an adorable stuffed Sulley doll for Little Miss. It just happened to be the last gift shop we went into but it didn’t matter, I found one and was super stoked to find it! Every little girl needs at least one special doll from Disneyland.

Downtown Disney Collage 003

While we were away soaking up every little last drop of Disney goodness, the hubster got to hang out with these two guys:

Downtown Disney Collage 004

He was kind enough to take a couple shots of our favorite Monsters (that aren’t are own) that was in the lobby of the hotel he had a work function in (thanks again sweetie!) With our Sulley and cotton candy plunder in our sweaty little hands, we packed up our car and headed back towards the airport to make the trek home. We survived our first family trip (except my feet) and pulled off the surprise of our kiddos lives so ya, I would call it a success!

Going through all these photos makes me want to go back again to have more wonder and magic (and to get another Dole whip float!) I can’t wait to plan another trip back to Disneyland or maybe someday Disneyworld, now that definitely would be an awesome trip! If you could relive one family trip where would it be to? Or where would your dream family trip be? Need a break from the kiddos, where would you take your break at? Me it would be Scotland or the trip we wanted for our honeymoon (a train ride through Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and Glacier National Park).

In case you missed the big revealour character experiencethe magic beginningthe continuation of the magic, our California dreams, or our found adventure just follow the links to the previous posts.


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