A Trip In The Fun-Vee

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Hope your weekends were full of adventure or relaxation. Ours was full of anniversary celebrations we will fill you all in shortly but first let’s revisit our recent trip to Disneyland.  If you remember in one of my posts we mentioned that we saw a pretty awesome exhibit in Tomorrowland that deserved its own post, well wait no longer this is that post!

We may be a house divided on what word to use when ordering our favorite carbonated beverage (I say “pop” and hubster says “soda”) but we are not a house divided on which super hero reigns supreme unlike our friends who disagree whether it’s Superman or Batman (sorry, Steven between those two it is Batman hands down every time). Who is this reigning super hero: IRON MAN.

Who we were lucky enough to see in the flesh metal.

Iron Man 001

Not only did they have this one suit, they had ALL of them! Needless to say I went a little click happy which was spurred on by the hubster constantly asking “Did you get a picture of this one?!?! How about this one?!?! Don’t forget that one!!” Don’t worry I didn’t miss a single suit.

Iron Man 002


Seeing all these suits up close and personal, through pexiglass of courser was insanely awesome. Did I just cement my nerd status by saying that?!?! Awe who cares, you would have all pegged me as a dork sooner or later. My personal fav is the one on the right, do you think it would come in my size? Or at least in the hubster’s size?

Iron Man 003

Iron Man 004


And just went it could not get any better, they had displays of some of the pieces from some of suits. Don’t you just love authentic battle damage?

Iron Man 005


I may have asked hubster if I could have this painted in our future garage, I think Barney would approve.

Iron Man 006


Funnily looking back at the last picture, the hubster and I think that the man in the Mickey Ears looks a lot like my dad. Way to photobomb the awesome Iron Man mural, dad. And while we are at it, why didn’t you tell us you were at Disneyland when we were?

Anyways, I hope you all agree that this exhibit deserved its own post (if you don’t then you must clearly not like Iron Man which kind of makes me sad). If you could see any superhero who would it be? Better yet, if you could BE any superhero who would you want to be?



Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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