Oh Hello!

Oh Hello! 001

I’m Sara. He’s the incredible hubster Zac. The two little munchkins are Padawan and our recent addition to the family Little Miss. We recently moved to live in the suburbs of a town that likes to keep things weird and this blog is dedicated to keeping up with our new stomping ground and our everyday adventures. I say adventures because our everyday life is full of lightsaber battles, spontaneous nerf gun fights, building cushion forts, and trying not to step on Legos cause those things hella hurt! It’s easy to say I stay pretty busy staying at home with our two kiddos, three if you count our cat (which we do). I am fan of anything creative, crafty and many of my non-kiddo oriented hours are spent working on DIY projects and getting my craft on. I love DIY projects so much so that I did most of our wedding decor back in 2010.

My kiddos though are my favorite creation by far:

Oh Hello! 002

Our son is our little Padawan, who is always at full energy capacity. And our Little Miss is totally worth the drool soaked t-shirts and restricted diet.

Our third kiddo is our fur baby Samwise and as the oldest brother likes to act a little big for his britches, but still likes to cuddle with mom, dad, and his siblings when he thinks no one is looking.

Oh Hello! 003

Now it is just a matter of finding enough time during the day to keep up with all the mess that is life and clean it up cause I don’t like a messy home and share some of the details on this little tidbit of a blog. So come on in, make yourself comfortable and be sure to tread carefully cause I think I missed a few Legos.


Let us know you stopped by, it would make our day!

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