Three Is A Magic Number

“Ya it is, it’s a magic number.” And it is also the number of years the hubster and I have been married. Today marks the third anniversary of us becoming a family, a family of three (see the song is right it is a magic number).  Hard to believe that only 5 years ago we were on a crazy journey all on our own until that one fateful day that the hubster decided to be late for class.

Three is a Magic Number 001

It is hard to believe that I had given up on finding someone out there that was exactly what I needed (which is so much better than having what you want). I am ever increasingly thankful I did not throw in towel.

Everyday I am thankful and darn right lucky to spend it with my best friend.  Someone who has been through thick and really thin with me (our first 6 months of marriage felt like 60 years it was so full of potholes) and who never once said “I give up” but instead grabs my hand, holds it tight, and some how manages to navigate us out of the storm.

Three is a Magic Number 002

Everyday I am shown that love is an action not a feeling when he comes home takes the kiddos, does the dinner, and helps me check things off my to-do list so when the kiddos are in bed we can enjoy each others company or just the house being quiet for a change.  He reminds me not to take myself too seriously and that life is no good if you can’t enjoy it, and have a good laugh.

Three is a Magic Number 003

My darling hubster, thank you for three wonderful years together. I love you more and more each day and can’t wait to see what the next 50+ years hold for us!

**All photos were taken by Jasmine Photography of Portland, Oregon**



Today’s post marks 50 posts for us here at Portlandian Bonanza, woo-hoo! Some of you may remember when we hit 30 posts and we thought that was a major accomplishment well apparently if you add 20 more to that the excitement level goes up quite a bit. I know that I tossed the idea around about doing a list of facts about us here on Portlandian Bonanza for the “big” posts but I really didn’t want to think of a list of 50 things and I am sure most of you would not want to read through a list of 50 random things. So how else to celebrate this momentous occasion (besides baking a cake, okay maybe a pie since our Thanksgiving care package is gone)? Well, what better way to celebrate than to share our story.

You need not worry we are not going that far back and we are not going to fill this post with a whole bunch of endless words that tells our life story from the moment the hubster and I meet. No, instead I am going to tell our story in a very limited number of words, 50 of them to be exact (get it, 50 posts, 50 words)

So without further ado, I give you the story of us in 50 words:

“Wanna see some cool rock climbing photos.” Spill coffee, boy in love. Nine months in,  girl in love. Pumas love bling! Boy moves, girl sad. Boy moves back. Say “I do.” One year in, three +, girl ecstatic boy goes canyoneering. New job. “It’s a Girl!” Big move. Portlandian Bonanza.

So there it is in 50 words (go ahead and count, you know you want to) the very short version of the story of us here at Portlandian Bonanza.


Light. Focus. Aperture. Zoom.

What girl has the best hubster ever? This girl sure does. After a pretty tough week, which meant I consumed my weight in coffee and chocolate chip cookies, the hubster decided to get and give me my birthday/Christmas present early this year. I could almost squeal through the computer I am so excited!

Isn’t he beau.ti.ful?!?!? I haven’t named him yet (yes, I will name my camera) but I am completely enamored nonetheless. I was feeling pretty bummed about not having a higher quality camera besides my iPhone and our run down point and shoot. And it was even more of a downer that there was an AWESOME deal that would expire before my change jar would be able to support said dream of fancy camera. Hubster to the rescue and said we would spot the difference as my birthday/Christmas present (only plus side to having a birthday so close to Christmas).

For those of you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you probably saw this sneak peak of a picture when the squeal inducing box arrived. Samwise was throughly pleased to have a new box to play in and smell over. It’s the simple things that make the life of an indoor cat so sweet.

I am so excited to get to learn how to be a better photographer and to play around with it more. Hubster and I try not to spoil each other by spending lots of money but when he gets the chance to, he really does make me feel loved and all warm and fuzzy inside. He usually gets all creative in the giving process like when he hid my new iPod in a book (which I got mad about since I thought he cut apart the book I wanted to read; he switched the covers the tricky trickster) or when he filled a new Coach purse with new books, movies, and other little surprises when all I thought I was getting was a new purse/bag for school. He is pretty awesome like that.

I am glad that he didn’t make me wait for this one. Just look how gorgeous of pictures it takes!

I think even though hubster was probably full of good intentions I think he had alterer motives. You see when he went with our friend Nate on his Salmon River backpacking trip he got to use Nate’s new camera and has said recently how he can’t wait to try it out on the trails. Hmmm, I guess I will just have to girl-fy it some with a homemade camera strap cover like this one:

or this one:

Photos found via Pinterest

The past few days have been spent tinkering around with Ansel (yes, I decided on a name already) and trying my best to learn how to navigate without using the AUTO and preset settings. This girl is all about learning how to use the MANUAL setting, otherwise what is the point of a nice fancy camera.  I am already looking for books at the local library to help me with developing (nice camera pun there huh?) my new skills, not that I don’t have some mad Instagram skills under my belt. But family albums can’t be filled with Instagram photos, although you can make some pretty awesome magnets with them….too bad our fridge is stainless steel and rejects magnets.


Two years ago at this exact moment I was sitting in a chair arguing with the person who made our cake about how much we would pay them, wanting more than anything that it would be the only disaster of the day (it was until we actually saw the cake but that is a story for another day). Thankfully the hubster took over and averted the next Chernobyl crisis by smoothing it all over and doing what he does best and calms me down.

Then at 3’o clock, he took over once more and transported and moved all the small (and BIG) details I had worked on for the last 18 months while I was trying to calm my nerves down enough to try to memorize my written vows while constantly testing the bounds of waterproof mascara.

And then at this precise moment of 4:15 PM, this happened

Time stood still. The man that I had given up on ever finding walked down steps and took me into arms that have never failed me. In that moment, faith and hope were renewed and I knew my life had been truly blessed. Again, I tested the sheer boundaries of modern science and smear proof mascara.

6 o’clock came and I was holding on by a thread. Breathing something I had been doing for 26 years suddenly became something I had to remember how to do. And walking, forget that, even without the gorgeous heels I was lucky enough to get from the man that would become hubster, I could not get my feet to move in a fashion that resembled anything but a combination of a toddler zombie-esque fashion. And then I saw him

And again time stood perfectly still, though my heart felt like running straight into his arms. The calm that now floods through me whenever he is near overtook me and I knew I could get through this without totally ruining my makeup (that was until I made the mistake of looking at the one person I never expected to be tearing up and realized he had failed me, thanks a lot Justin).

Everyday I am so grateful that I found hubster, that the calm he ensues in me has never ceased. When he is away I never feel right, I feel on edge and incomplete, and it is in those times I realize just what I was missing in my life before I meet him. They say there is someone out there for everyone and until I meet hubster I did not really believe that statement; now I do.

Happy Anniversary Thumper, I love you more than I did two years ago and can not wait to see what life brings us on this journey together. I could not ask for a better hand to hold, arms to take refuge in than yours. Thank you for loving me.