Let’s Get It Started

Oh man, oh geez was our weekend eventful! We conquered our to do list (nothing like sliding in under the wire at the last minute), had a house FULL of people, saw a few other babies (of the non-human variety) and woke up Sunday morning to a big girl. Not too sure about having a big girl in the house, ever since turning one she has been all sorts of bossy and is doing crazy things like trying to walk all on her own. Who knew one could be so defiant?

After all these happenings shenanigans you can only imagine just how full poor Ansel is. So instead of bombarding you all with a plethora (thats a fun word isn’t it?!?) of photos I will be kind and spread them out across a few posts. And what are you in store for today you may ask? How about the fun little details that we worked on to get Little Miss’ birthday bash all sorts of Polka-Dot Afro Circus fun!

And here it is in all it’s Polka-Dot Circus glory! Thanks to Pinterest it was full of circus themed foods that my poor guests wasitlines could have done without ever meeting.

BIrthday Details 001

Birthday Details 002

The cake was not how I had originally envisioned it, but when you are in crunch time you make due and make it work. I think it turned out well and it fit nicely with all the original plan of going all sorts of circus and polka-dot crazy! What do you think?
Birthday Details 003

The polk-dot popcorn was a HUGE hit and so was the elephant ears pull-apart bread, especially with the younger guests. I never got to try the elephant ears, it went too fast and I was too busy being a host and taking care of the birthday girl to get much of any of the tasty treats I had worked so hard on.

Birthday Details 004

Birthday Details 005

How’s that for some Polka-Dot Circus fun? We had to scratch a couple food items at the last minute due to time and ill behaving ingredients. All in all it turned out a success and I was a happy, pleased mama with my efforts. There is all the little details after all the planning, stay tuned for the guests, presents, and of course the birthday girl in the next post, as well as some pretty cute little babies.

If you missed the previous posts that led to this extravaganza you can start at the planning, the menu creation, and the stationary to get even more Polka-Dot Circs goodness.


They Put A Ring On It

This past weekend we spent with my family since we had a family wedding to go to and our handsome little man was the ring bearer for the second time in his short life. Padawan can be kind of shy at times but when you promise him he can dress up in fancy clothes he is willing to do just about anything, including walking down the aisle in front of a lot of people. This mama says a silent prayer every time he does something in public because he was “that kid” that ran off the stage crying in his preschool’s Christmas pageant, but he did his mama proud and was such a good kid the whole time. Which is saying a lot since it was a long ceremony, a beautiful one but long.
Wedding 001

For a Padawan he sure cleans up nicely. As for the pursed lips, we don’t know what that was all about. At least he had a straight face during the ceremony…

Wedding 002

Well, most of the time anyways.

Wedding Collage 003

These photos remind me of the ones at our wedding where he kept making faces at his Day-day. I should have known that was case with the silly faces he made during this ceremony, I only learned this later at the reception when my mom outed him (bad Day-day, bad).

Little Miss had fallen asleep right before the ceremony and we know we shouldn’t have but we joked about taking bets of what part of the ceremony she would wake up; my money was on the “Does anybody object?” part but that never came during the ceremony, is that something that brides and grooms no longer include?? I forget when she did wake up but she had a lot to say on the matter and we were even treated to her new “scrunchy” face a few times during her speech.

Wedding 004

Wedding 005
Her speech got even better when she started “reading” from the program, I just wish we knew what she was so passionate about. Hopefully it was not her plans for her own wedding cause this mama (and dada) are not ready to even entertain THAT idea for at least another 40 years!

Or maybe she was giving us her input on her new kicks we got her on the way to the wedding (clearance rack with an additional 50% off Woohoo for that deal!)
Wedding 012

So there was our first wedding as a family of four (hubster’s and my first as a married couple as well) and I think we survived it pretty much unscathed. No tantrums, no meltdowns. just a couple of tired kiddos (and parents) when it was all over. Now that wedding season is officially upon us do any of you have any big shindigs to attend? Any advice for going to weddings with kids in tow? Or do you use the opportunity to have a kid-free date night when you get invited?

Working For Circus Peanuts

Anyone who is anyone knows that when you plan a party the most important thing (besides the decorations) is the food. Like it or not people will judge you on your food choices and will remember the food long after they forget what it looked like. I still have people talking to me about my wedding food and how good it was (I have to admit it was pretty darn good!) So besides the growing stash of decoration supplies that are taking over my newly acquired Ikea bag (can’t wait to share them all with you guys) is the growing list of possible food ideas for a Polka-Dot Afro Circus birthday party.

Now when I did the hubster’s Harry Potter surprise party I went all out in the food department, which was hard cause it was a surprise party and I am sure the hubster would have noticed unusual items in the fridge (I hid them at my grandma’s house, thank you again grandma!) And all the food had a Harry Potter connection; i.e.. Professor Sprouts Asparagus Spears, Butterbeer (best drink on the planet as far as I am concerned), Bronze Knut Zucchini Chips, Slughorn’s Meat Pies, Kreacher’s French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms, Pumpkin Pasties. You get the idea.

Circus Peanuts 000

But with Little Miss’ party I have plenty of time and don’t have to worry about keeping it a secret to plan out a menu. Which is a good thing cause bouncing ideas of the hubster is my favorite way of fleshing out the details. And here is what I have come up with so far for a menu:

Circus Peanuts 001

//Funfetti Dip with Animal Cookies//Party Popcorn//

Circus Peanuts 002

//Cotton Candy//Pull-apart Elephant Ear Bread//Animal Cracker Truffles//

And to make sure those that want to watch their waistline and sugar intake, we will have a healthier option of finger foods as well:

Circus Peanuts 003

//Banana Spilt Bites//Fresh Fruit//Individual Veggie Cups//

And of course, no birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake. In this case 2 since Little Miss gets her own mini smash cake to enjoy while here guests will enjoy a traditional vanilla cake with polk-dots minus baby drool.

Circus Peanuts 004

//Mini Smash Cake//Polk-Dot Birthday Cake//

So there is our menu so far for a Polka-Dot Afro Circus birthday party. We will have yummy drinks as well, we are thinking pink lemonade, tea, and maybe a sherbet based punch as well (all things that scream circus). I am not sure if I want to do ice cream as well since Little Miss reacts to when I eat dairy but I can always get some of the yummy coconut milk ice cream from Trader Joe’s and prescoop it like so:

Circus Peanuts 005

//Individual Ice Cream Cups//

I am sure all of our guests will be coming down from a sugar high for the rest of the weekend after this party! How about you, are any of you into planning the menu for parties? What would your ultimate party menu look like? Are you the type of party goer that enjoys the food more than the decor?

**Links and more inspiration can be found on my Pinterest Board here**

We Had Ourselves A Merry Little Christmas

**Since we have been so far behind in keeping our little blog up-to-date the next few posts are from that period of time that was sadly not blogged about in a timely fashion **

Our first Christmas as a family of four went off without a hitch, I was someone able to make ornaments with a Jedi, catch up on laundry, wrap presents, and load up our transformer car up in a single bound (I had the help of a couple coffees in there I am sure of it) so that we could spend our holiday with our family in my hometown.

A part of our new traditions I am making an effort to start is making our own wrapping paper. This year I decided that all those gorgeous packages wrapped in butcher paper would get a kid-friendly twist put on them. So in one of my last minute crazy shopping sprees (aka coffee run in disguise) I grabbed a roll of butcher paper wrapping paper at the local Target. Now if only I had remembered to buy some scotch tape I would not have had to use my leftover package tape from the move….opps, live and learn I guess.

I wrapped all the presents before the trip down and somehow remembered which one belonged to who (it helps if they all are different shapes and sizes). And then on Christmas Eve I had the kiddos take out the good ol’ Crayola markers and go to town drawing Christmas-y pictures on the presents (I sneakily divided them up so Padawan decorated Little Misses and vice versa). Little Miss was more interested in chewing on the caps so I helped a little quite a bit. The snowman is one of my better works I will admit.

So after some Christmas morning cinnamon rolls (Padawan still was enjoying his) from my wonderful grandma it was time to say goodbye to those little doodles (sad) but it was worth seeing their faces light up with their new gifts.

Little Miss needed some encouragement to rip the paper and was definitely more interested in helping her brother get into his gifts than opening her own but it was still a delight to sight back and watch her take part in her first Christmas.

She was very happy to see her one friend she had picked out during one of present shopping trips; makes me glad she is still little enough to take Christmas shopping with me.

After our present opening, we began the incredible game of Christmas musical houses. Our first stop was my mom’s house were Padawan got every 7 year old’s dream present: a Nintendo 3DS (you can’t forget the fact that it is 3D cause he will correct you if you just call it a DS, silly moms forgetting that cool and crucial part of the name).

Litte Miss just enjoyed eating the paper when we were not looking.  While there we had our Christmas dinner and then we all packed it all up and made the trek back to the starting point (my grandma’s house) were we ate way too many pies, played Mexican train, and took our annual family picture in front of the fireplace (we have photos going all the way back to when I was just Little Miss’ age!)

Boots With(out) The Fur

With the cold weather in full force here, I figured Little Miss was in need of some cute boots to cover her even cuter little toes. So I raided my yarn stash and searched through ravelry for a pattern I liked or could easily adapt to a point I would like them and these were born:

Boots With(out) The Fur 001

They turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. I followed this pattern until the cuff of the boot; the pattern only does one button and I wanted taller boots so I went a couple rows more and added another boot before putting a scalloped edging on.

Boots With(out) The Fur 002

Aren’t they presh?!? I love the below photo even though it turned out blurry (hard to take pictures of a baby who wants to eat the camera anytime you pull it out). Aahh, I just love her pose! True little model to the “t.”

Boots With(out) The Fur 003

Boots With(out) The Fur 004

She is beyond words in cuteness! I have already started making her more of this cute little boots and am trying for the first time, to write my own pattern (ack! Lots of frogging going here)! I of course, will share all the scary brilliant process of those little creations, that is of course if I don’t totally mess them up of course.

How about you, have you made anything special lately for a little (or not so little) one in your life? Any advice from fellow crocheters on how to wing write your own pattern?