Where The Wild Things Party

And the party keeps on going! After all the hustle and bustle of a smashing good first birthday for Little Miss we were not in the mood to laze around the house surrounded by the leftovers of said party (and this mama was in no mood to get to cleaning just yet). So what to do to hide from the mess celebrate a first birthday some more? Why go to the zoo of course!!

We had not been in a while (sad when we leave just down the way from it) and the lure of new baby animals had us bundled up and out the door.

Birthday Zoo 001Got to love that little face!! I know this picture is over exposed but just look at that face, it’s so cute I could spend all day kissin’ and squishin’ those cheeks. Heck, some days I do! And just for clarification I am talking about Little Miss’ face not the hubsters.

Our first order of business was checking out one of Little Miss’ favorite animals: the elephants. And just our luck there is now a new baby elephant at our zoo (the second one in recent history at our zoo!)

Birthday Zoo 002Little Miss could have spent all day looking and watching that baby elephant. She used to make the noise for an elephant when asked “What do elephants say?” but lately every creature out there makes a noise like her Samwise according to her. Which is totally fine with me cause her meow is the cutest meow on the block.

With the weather being somewhat nippy and due to our late start, we knew we would not see everything at the zoo on this particular visit. It was all about the new animals and the babies, with a few pit stops along the way like these guys, who would have been invited to our Polka-dot Afro Circus if they were house broken:

Birthday Zoo 003

And this guy, who Padawan kept asking me to get a picture of, and most definitely would not be invited into my house EVER. Birthday Zoo 004

Those two little pit stops led to this new flock on the block:

Birthday Zoo 005Our zoo now has flamingos! Woohoo, although their red eyes kind of creep me a out a bit. After seeing them I found the documentary about flamingos on Netflix that I thought I would watch to prescreen for the Padawan. I am so happy that I did cause it was more intense than I thought it would be! It made me cringe at parts so I could not imagine what it would be like for my kiddos. On a happier note and completely random note this mama then discovered Doctor Who (one word: addicted!)

I know, I know back to the zoo and cute kid pictures like this one:

Birthday Zoo 006

And how about this one:

Birthday Zoo 007

Agh, she is too adorable for words! So on to more pictures then!! How about some of Little Miss’ other favorite animals: BIG Sams.

Birthday Zoo 008She sure does love kitties and crawling around the house meowing like a kitty. I think she will be the next big cat trainer cause she already has her Sam pretty well trained. She meows and pats the floor next to her and he comes a runnin’. Her favorite book right now is a book on cats and you can always make her smile by singing “Soft Kitty” (soft kitty, warm kitty little ball of fur. happy kitty, sleepy kitty purr purr purr).  Ya, we are defintately cat people.

So on her official first birthday Little Miss spent it with wild things other than her brother for a change. And I slowly got adjusted to answering “how old is she” with the appropriate response of “one.” It was a good day spent with my favorite people in the whole universe and I didn’t have to clean my house which was just icing on the cake. I will leave you with one of favorite pictures of the day, which really reflects our every day life; she loves her big brother and always has to keep an eye on him. Never mind the bear walking around in the enclosure right in front of her, she has to see what he is doing.

Birthday Zoo 009My two favorite little wild things, oh how I love them. So there it is the end of our birthday celebrations which leaves us only 4 months to rest and recoup before the next two birthdays in the family: the hubsters and our own jungle cat Mr. Samwise Gamgee. We are not the only ones that celebrate their cat’s birthday are we?


Let Them Eat Cake

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have had a serious case of writer’s block. The last time we “spoke” we had just finished showing off all the details for Little Miss’ first birthday and had promised to share all the birthday fun. Well, the photos were edited and have been sitting and waiting to be put into post form, but no words were coming. I know someone of you would not mind just getting pictures but that is not how we roll around here, we like to get all wordy with our posts. So let’s get this post party started with the one and only adorable Little Miss and her grandma rockin’ the ultra cute party dress and headband her Aunt Kat-Kat got for her cause every girl needs a party dress.   Birthday Girl 001 Little Miss did surprisingly well with her birthday festivities: no fussing of any kind. But she did however fall asleep 30 minutes into it. Thankfully our guests were all rock stars and understood how unpredictable babies can be. Is she still technically considered a baby now that she is one or is she a toddler now? Never really understood when that transition is supposed to happen so I am going to call her my baby until she moves out. After her disappearance nap, Little Miss got right down to business opening all the wonderful presents her guests were so kind to bring her. Birthday Girl  002 Poor little thing was not that into ripping the paper off, I blame that partially on the grogginess from her very fresh nap. The goodies in the wrapping paper were another story; she loved them. Her baby dolls all got kisses and hugs, her clothes got the appropriate ohs and ahs, and the cards were passed to brother to read as she looked on and chimed in her two cents.  The lucky girl made out with a whole gambit of new dresses and enough baby dolls to make her look like she is in the running for the next edition of 19 Kids and Counting, the baby doll version of course.  What you ask did Little Miss get from mommy and daddy? Birthday Girl 003 A pink rocking scooter of course! She LOVES it almost as much as I love it. I had wanted to build one for her ever since I was pregnant with her (and found out she was a girl) but when I found this one online I could not pass up it since it actually cost less to buy it than for me to make it (SCORE)! After a good cruise around the family room with her much practiced parade wave to all her guests, she made her way to the grande finale of any birthday party: the cake! Let Them Eat Cake 005 We had been practicing singing the birthday song and blowing out the candle for a month before the big day. And every time we practiced she would clap and blow out her candle at the right moment. Call it stage fright but she had to call in reinforcements for the candle blowing, thankfully her big brother helped her out and even told her the wish was still hers to make. Awww, he is too kind for words to her. Sorry girls he is not allowed to date, ever. Let Them Eat Cake 004 I had anticipated another cake massacre al la Padawan and stripped Little Miss down to the bare essentials: her FuzziBunz and her headband. Again, she is full of surprises and was the most dainty little eater of cake I have ever seen. She would just poke at the cake and then take a little bite off her finger before poking at it again for her next teeny tiny bite. That’s right the cake is pink zebra print on the inside if you didn’t notice and the most nerve wrecking cake ever to cut into cause I honestly did not know if it would turn out or not. Thank goodness it did and did not turn out like a messy blob of color cause no one wants to eat ugly looking cake.Let Them Eat Cake 005A part of me was so glad to be done with all the planning and to have the party wrapping up, but then the other part of me was sad that my little baby is growing up way too fast. She even proved how big of a big girl she was that day by taking her first steps (4 to be exact) all by herself! It is hard to believe that we had just meet this cute little bundle of awesomeness a year ago. Her personality has grown so much in this first year into such a kind, sweet, funny, and gentle little girl. Happy First Birthday, Little Miss, we love you!Let Them Eat Cake 007 Let Them Eat Cake 008 So we survived the first birthday (and the first year!) with our Little Miss. It really is a bittersweet feeling when the first birthday comes and goes, don’t all you mamas out there agree? Or am I the only one who gets teary eyed when thinking about it?

If you missed the previous posts that led to this extravaganza you can start at the planningthe menu creation, the stationary, and the details to get even more Polka-Dot Circs goodness.

Let’s Get It Started

Oh man, oh geez was our weekend eventful! We conquered our to do list (nothing like sliding in under the wire at the last minute), had a house FULL of people, saw a few other babies (of the non-human variety) and woke up Sunday morning to a big girl. Not too sure about having a big girl in the house, ever since turning one she has been all sorts of bossy and is doing crazy things like trying to walk all on her own. Who knew one could be so defiant?

After all these happenings shenanigans you can only imagine just how full poor Ansel is. So instead of bombarding you all with a plethora (thats a fun word isn’t it?!?) of photos I will be kind and spread them out across a few posts. And what are you in store for today you may ask? How about the fun little details that we worked on to get Little Miss’ birthday bash all sorts of Polka-Dot Afro Circus fun!

And here it is in all it’s Polka-Dot Circus glory! Thanks to Pinterest it was full of circus themed foods that my poor guests wasitlines could have done without ever meeting.

BIrthday Details 001

Birthday Details 002

The cake was not how I had originally envisioned it, but when you are in crunch time you make due and make it work. I think it turned out well and it fit nicely with all the original plan of going all sorts of circus and polka-dot crazy! What do you think?
Birthday Details 003

The polk-dot popcorn was a HUGE hit and so was the elephant ears pull-apart bread, especially with the younger guests. I never got to try the elephant ears, it went too fast and I was too busy being a host and taking care of the birthday girl to get much of any of the tasty treats I had worked so hard on.

Birthday Details 004

Birthday Details 005

How’s that for some Polka-Dot Circus fun? We had to scratch a couple food items at the last minute due to time and ill behaving ingredients. All in all it turned out a success and I was a happy, pleased mama with my efforts. There is all the little details after all the planning, stay tuned for the guests, presents, and of course the birthday girl in the next post, as well as some pretty cute little babies.

If you missed the previous posts that led to this extravaganza you can start at the planning, the menu creation, and the stationary to get even more Polka-Dot Circs goodness.

Coming Soon To A Mailbox Near You

Holy crap Batman! Is it seriously only 16 days til my little baby is a whole year old?!?! It can’t possibly be a whole year already since I was more than ready to be done being pregnant; I don’t think I have ever meet a mother who didn’t wish those last couple weeks were over more quickly, they are the most uncomfortable days EVER. After all the work that we have been doing in order to get ready for Little Miss’ birthday party I am thinking I should have started a year ago.

At least the invites are done (can I get a HALLELUJAH!) and in the mail making their way to all those lucky guests.  I am not trying to toot my own horn or anything but they are pretty awesome! Do you wanna sneak peek of what some friends and family will get the joy of opening up in a couple days??

Mailbox Goodie 001How’s that for a tease? Wanna a closer look? Well, if you ask nicely with a “pretty please” and a coffee to boot too I think I just might share them with you.

Here are the gorgeous and awesome, fun invites!!

Mailbox Goodie 002

Aren’t they spectacular? If you don’t remember the theme for Little Miss’ first birthday party is Polka Dot Afro Circus (she LOVES Madagascar 3 but who doesn’t?)

I designed them myself using Pages (we are a Mac family) and a few of the free fonts that I have collected over the years. I have a binder in my craft room that is full of printed out examples of all my fonts and it is FULL. Yes, I am serious I have a binder full of fonts (any other font junkies collectors out there?) I had so much fun creating these, it makes me think I missed my calling as a wedding planner. The fun is in the details for me, otherwise why would I create envelope liners, make homemade confetti (hand punched while watching the Walking Dead), color in 20+ invites and directions cards, and carbon copy fancy font onto envelopes and then retrace them in not 1 but 3 different colors of ink. Ya, I am that mom.

So far we have discussed the theme of Little Miss’ party, talked about her food, and now we have covered the paper (the first half of it anyways which means yes there will be more!). All the little details are finally coming together! Any other mommas out there that enjoy planning parties for your little ones? Do you make your own invites or do you buy them? What is your favorite part of party planning, the food, the decor, the paper goods, the music??

***For those of you who want to know, here is a list of the fonts I used for the invites: Return to Sender, The Daily Bread, Simon Script, Cast Iron, English Essay, Bounty, Mayonnaise, Clementine Sketch, Europe Underground, Noteworthy, My Skinny Jeans, and Pacifico ***

Working For Circus Peanuts

Anyone who is anyone knows that when you plan a party the most important thing (besides the decorations) is the food. Like it or not people will judge you on your food choices and will remember the food long after they forget what it looked like. I still have people talking to me about my wedding food and how good it was (I have to admit it was pretty darn good!) So besides the growing stash of decoration supplies that are taking over my newly acquired Ikea bag (can’t wait to share them all with you guys) is the growing list of possible food ideas for a Polka-Dot Afro Circus birthday party.

Now when I did the hubster’s Harry Potter surprise party I went all out in the food department, which was hard cause it was a surprise party and I am sure the hubster would have noticed unusual items in the fridge (I hid them at my grandma’s house, thank you again grandma!) And all the food had a Harry Potter connection; i.e.. Professor Sprouts Asparagus Spears, Butterbeer (best drink on the planet as far as I am concerned), Bronze Knut Zucchini Chips, Slughorn’s Meat Pies, Kreacher’s French Onion Stuffed Mushrooms, Pumpkin Pasties. You get the idea.

Circus Peanuts 000

But with Little Miss’ party I have plenty of time and don’t have to worry about keeping it a secret to plan out a menu. Which is a good thing cause bouncing ideas of the hubster is my favorite way of fleshing out the details. And here is what I have come up with so far for a menu:

Circus Peanuts 001

//Funfetti Dip with Animal Cookies//Party Popcorn//

Circus Peanuts 002

//Cotton Candy//Pull-apart Elephant Ear Bread//Animal Cracker Truffles//

And to make sure those that want to watch their waistline and sugar intake, we will have a healthier option of finger foods as well:

Circus Peanuts 003

//Banana Spilt Bites//Fresh Fruit//Individual Veggie Cups//

And of course, no birthday party would be complete without a birthday cake. In this case 2 since Little Miss gets her own mini smash cake to enjoy while here guests will enjoy a traditional vanilla cake with polk-dots minus baby drool.

Circus Peanuts 004

//Mini Smash Cake//Polk-Dot Birthday Cake//

So there is our menu so far for a Polka-Dot Afro Circus birthday party. We will have yummy drinks as well, we are thinking pink lemonade, tea, and maybe a sherbet based punch as well (all things that scream circus). I am not sure if I want to do ice cream as well since Little Miss reacts to when I eat dairy but I can always get some of the yummy coconut milk ice cream from Trader Joe’s and prescoop it like so:

Circus Peanuts 005

//Individual Ice Cream Cups//

I am sure all of our guests will be coming down from a sugar high for the rest of the weekend after this party! How about you, are any of you into planning the menu for parties? What would your ultimate party menu look like? Are you the type of party goer that enjoys the food more than the decor?

**Links and more inspiration can be found on my Pinterest Board here**