Sand, Surf, and Sun

Disneyland was not the only adventure we want on this summer, the rest of them though were within our beloved state. One of the places we enjoy visiting the most is the coast. Where we are from it is not called the beach, it is the coast; the beach has warm water and sand and you don’t need a wet suit to go into the water.

Despite the chilly water and the lack of bathing suit beaches, we love our coastline! The hubster and I have recently talked about planning a camping trip that takes us all along our coastline one of these summers. But back to this coast trip: like most of our trips it was pretty spur of the moment and motivated by one kind of food or another. This time it was clam chowder. And who would want to turn down the best clam chowder this side of the Mississippi especially when it come with a view like this one:

Sun, Surf, and Sand 001

This seems to be our stand-by go-to location when we are in much need of some ocean therapy. Are we the only ones who feel rejuvenated after spending the day gazing out at the waves? If you haven’t tried it, you are missing out. Not only do you get to enjoy the sound of the waves and the smell of the salty sea air  but you also get to watch all the crazy wildlife, like these guys (I think we counted 8 at one point)

Sun, Surf, and Sand 002

And this rare little bird in sparkly sneakers. This was Little Miss’ first time to the ocean where she could actually enjoy it (her first official visit happened when she was only 2 months old).

Sun, Surf, and Sand 003

She was all down for the freedom of letting her roam around while we waited for a table to open up at our chowder spot.

Sun, Surf, and Sand 004

Sun, Surf, and Sand 005

And she was all for playing the sand, more like letting us bury her legs in it or throwing it at me which is one of the reasons I am glad I didn’t take Ansel down to the shore with us except for these few shots.

Sun, Surf, and Sand 006 Sun, Surf, and Sand 007

We had hoped to add to our sea glass collection that we have been working on, but sadly we were unable to due to the fact that high tide happened right when we arrived and would not go back down til after dark (cue sad mama face here). Since our glass hunting was put on hold til our next trip over we had to find something else to occupy our time at the sea. Again, being food driven our caravan (my mom and stepdad meet us over there for chowder time) made its trek to another of our favorite seasides spots for another sea staple: salt water taffy.

The only problem with saltwater taffy is remembering what flavors you got in your bag or are currently left over in your R2-D2 candy stash. Any ideas on what flavors we still have??

Sand, Surf, and Sun 008

The weekend that we went seaside was the first time that Little Miss got to ride in her “big girl” car seat.  I think it is safe to say that she enjoyed it.

Sun, Surf, and Sand 008

With a tuckered out kiddo and a hungry hubster, we hopped on over the bridge for a spot of tea beer. One of the local breweries we enjoy is based out of our go-to seaside destination and we *GASP* had never ventured over there for bite to eat.  Which is even crazier when we consider the fact that when the hubster and I started dating he had applied for a job in the accounting department at this brewery.

Sun, Surf and Sand 008

Sun, Surf, and Sand 009

Both the hubster and the step-dad sampled the beers, i just enjoyed the fish tacos and watching Little Miss enjoy the view of the marina and her crayons.

Sun, Surf, and Sand 010

I did enjoy a nice HOT caramel macchiato though on the drive home which was such a welcome after spending the day on the cool side of the ocean. I am soooo ready to have my coffees be hot again. Funny how I can’t wait for the weather to turn to enjoy iced ones again but then around August I am ready for the warmth and coziness of a hot cup again (too bad the weather is not cooperating around here for that!)  How about you, do you wait for the weather to change for your coffee order to change as well? Are your trips as food oriented as ours (at least Disneyland wasn’t hahaha)? How about your coastline, is it warm and perfect for shorts and swimming? Or is it like ours where you dress in layers and have plenty of opportunities for a cup of hot joe?