Three Is A Magic Number

“Ya it is, it’s a magic number.” And it is also the number of years the hubster and I have been married. Today marks the third anniversary of us becoming a family, a family of three (see the song is right it is a magic number).  Hard to believe that only 5 years ago we were on a crazy journey all on our own until that one fateful day that the hubster decided to be late for class.

Three is a Magic Number 001

It is hard to believe that I had given up on finding someone out there that was exactly what I needed (which is so much better than having what you want). I am ever increasingly thankful I did not throw in towel.

Everyday I am thankful and darn right lucky to spend it with my best friend.  Someone who has been through thick and really thin with me (our first 6 months of marriage felt like 60 years it was so full of potholes) and who never once said “I give up” but instead grabs my hand, holds it tight, and some how manages to navigate us out of the storm.

Three is a Magic Number 002

Everyday I am shown that love is an action not a feeling when he comes home takes the kiddos, does the dinner, and helps me check things off my to-do list so when the kiddos are in bed we can enjoy each others company or just the house being quiet for a change.  He reminds me not to take myself too seriously and that life is no good if you can’t enjoy it, and have a good laugh.

Three is a Magic Number 003

My darling hubster, thank you for three wonderful years together. I love you more and more each day and can’t wait to see what the next 50+ years hold for us!

**All photos were taken by Jasmine Photography of Portland, Oregon**


They Put A Ring On It

This past weekend we spent with my family since we had a family wedding to go to and our handsome little man was the ring bearer for the second time in his short life. Padawan can be kind of shy at times but when you promise him he can dress up in fancy clothes he is willing to do just about anything, including walking down the aisle in front of a lot of people. This mama says a silent prayer every time he does something in public because he was “that kid” that ran off the stage crying in his preschool’s Christmas pageant, but he did his mama proud and was such a good kid the whole time. Which is saying a lot since it was a long ceremony, a beautiful one but long.
Wedding 001

For a Padawan he sure cleans up nicely. As for the pursed lips, we don’t know what that was all about. At least he had a straight face during the ceremony…

Wedding 002

Well, most of the time anyways.

Wedding Collage 003

These photos remind me of the ones at our wedding where he kept making faces at his Day-day. I should have known that was case with the silly faces he made during this ceremony, I only learned this later at the reception when my mom outed him (bad Day-day, bad).

Little Miss had fallen asleep right before the ceremony and we know we shouldn’t have but we joked about taking bets of what part of the ceremony she would wake up; my money was on the “Does anybody object?” part but that never came during the ceremony, is that something that brides and grooms no longer include?? I forget when she did wake up but she had a lot to say on the matter and we were even treated to her new “scrunchy” face a few times during her speech.

Wedding 004

Wedding 005
Her speech got even better when she started “reading” from the program, I just wish we knew what she was so passionate about. Hopefully it was not her plans for her own wedding cause this mama (and dada) are not ready to even entertain THAT idea for at least another 40 years!

Or maybe she was giving us her input on her new kicks we got her on the way to the wedding (clearance rack with an additional 50% off Woohoo for that deal!)
Wedding 012

So there was our first wedding as a family of four (hubster’s and my first as a married couple as well) and I think we survived it pretty much unscathed. No tantrums, no meltdowns. just a couple of tired kiddos (and parents) when it was all over. Now that wedding season is officially upon us do any of you have any big shindigs to attend? Any advice for going to weddings with kids in tow? Or do you use the opportunity to have a kid-free date night when you get invited?


Two years ago at this exact moment I was sitting in a chair arguing with the person who made our cake about how much we would pay them, wanting more than anything that it would be the only disaster of the day (it was until we actually saw the cake but that is a story for another day). Thankfully the hubster took over and averted the next Chernobyl crisis by smoothing it all over and doing what he does best and calms me down.

Then at 3’o clock, he took over once more and transported and moved all the small (and BIG) details I had worked on for the last 18 months while I was trying to calm my nerves down enough to try to memorize my written vows while constantly testing the bounds of waterproof mascara.

And then at this precise moment of 4:15 PM, this happened

Time stood still. The man that I had given up on ever finding walked down steps and took me into arms that have never failed me. In that moment, faith and hope were renewed and I knew my life had been truly blessed. Again, I tested the sheer boundaries of modern science and smear proof mascara.

6 o’clock came and I was holding on by a thread. Breathing something I had been doing for 26 years suddenly became something I had to remember how to do. And walking, forget that, even without the gorgeous heels I was lucky enough to get from the man that would become hubster, I could not get my feet to move in a fashion that resembled anything but a combination of a toddler zombie-esque fashion. And then I saw him

And again time stood perfectly still, though my heart felt like running straight into his arms. The calm that now floods through me whenever he is near overtook me and I knew I could get through this without totally ruining my makeup (that was until I made the mistake of looking at the one person I never expected to be tearing up and realized he had failed me, thanks a lot Justin).

Everyday I am so grateful that I found hubster, that the calm he ensues in me has never ceased. When he is away I never feel right, I feel on edge and incomplete, and it is in those times I realize just what I was missing in my life before I meet him. They say there is someone out there for everyone and until I meet hubster I did not really believe that statement; now I do.

Happy Anniversary Thumper, I love you more than I did two years ago and can not wait to see what life brings us on this journey together. I could not ask for a better hand to hold, arms to take refuge in than yours. Thank you for loving me.

China & Cotton

Wow, in only one month the hubs and I will have been married for two years! It may not seem like a long time for some, but for me anniversaries are important. They are so important and meaningful to me, more so because of the date we choose to get married. We get to share our special day with my great grandparents, they were married for 65 years and loved each other immensely so much so that my great grandpa held on until that coveted day cause he knew how much it meant to my grandma before he passed away from lung cancer the next day.

It is bitter sweet that day, so much joy and so much sadness, but it was the joy that I wanted to celebrate when I choose that day before I even meet my husband (who was sweet enough to allow me to have it even though it fell on a Monday). For us, that day became not only our day but a day to celebrate family; the family we were becoming, the family we have, and the family we lost. It was our day to share and it was beautiful. I still get emotional thinking about it.

The hubs and I joke that we will be together for the rest of our lives, which isn’t that long since the end of the world is this December so we don’t have that much longer to be together. But we both hope we can go the distance like my great grandparents.  The day is important to me and I like to celebrate it in special ways.

Last year we celebrate with a nod to the traditional first anniversary gift of paper with a family photo session that we used to give our families a gift to say thank you for their support and  to announce our little announcement of the coming addition.

This year, I want to continue our family photo session tradition to document our growing family and to somehow use the traditional second anniversary gift as a guide for a little gift for each other. According to the second anniversary gift is China (modern) or  Cotton (traditional), well if this wife had her way she would be asking for this item since she considers it a China substitute since the only thing she would want in the Cotton category would be new sheets or a throw for the new couch:

Or this guy that I have had my eyes on, praying every time I go to Target that it is finally on clearance:

As for what I would do for the hubs, I would probably go my old stand-by of a handmade gift. He still says the journal I kept and gave him was the best gift he ever got. The plan is to finish this guy:

We probably won’t do anything too special since we live away from family in a new town with two small kids but I am sure we can think of something fun to do as a family. .
Maybe a trip to the zoo since that is where the hubs proposed is in order.